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  1. shanghaisailor

    Corona Virus

    WRONG Stingray TOTAL MISQUOTE!!! - you copied what Wethog said, not what i said. Go back and read the post properly. I don't have enough knowledge about what is happening with immigrants (EDIT) - Just noticed Stingray has corrected himself - Thanks bud and sorry for the mini-rant
  2. shanghaisailor

    Corona Virus

    The anti-vaxxers are just as dumb as the anti-maskers. Darwinism indeed! Here in China they took precautions as soon as they fully understood what they had on their hands - no such excuse in the States where they knew on 3rd Jan and had the Genome on 19th Jan. The results here speak for themselves and STILL most malls will NOT allow entry without masks or temperature tests. You STILL don't fly or get on a train without a green QR Code, temperature test and for some cities a nucleic Acid test in the last 72 hours. For those idiots who still say China falsifies figures, I don't know anyone in China who knows anyone in China who has tested +ve, never mind died and I know a lot of people through the sailing community and my former clients. COVID is NOT racist, not sexist, not ageist, not nationalist, not bigoted. Sure some seem more prone to the effects and symptoms than others but one doesn't know until you have it. I really cannot believe the stupidity of the 'science-deniers' with their mask-less marches and other such lunacy and their excuses are pathetic. In the UK you have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle - why? Because it could save your life. In the UK & USA you have to wear a seat belt in a car. Why? Because it could save your life - ask Tiger Woods! But when they say you should wear a mask because it not only could save YOUR life but your loved ones as well they claim it infringed their personal liberties? Give me a break! Stay safe guys and keep taking all the precautions, masks, distancing, sanitising, vaccination etc and even then we still have a long road ahead of us. The boat (and sailing) will still be there after this has all died down. Best SS
  3. shanghaisailor

    Club Swan 80 (From the FP)

  4. shanghaisailor

    Club Swan 80 (From the FP)

    It's funny how some people slag off something that enables them to join threads for free
  5. Ha ha! Never assume, it makes an ass out of you. & me? Well no! I am not a Kiwi. to Give you a clue my fellow countryman was the first truly great America's Cup skipper. He had to become a naturalised American but he definitely wasn't a Kiwi. And what the hell has Alan Bond got to do with the current holder of The Cup? And haven't the Kiwis done something you Aussies were unable to do? You know, successfully defend the cup. Just winding you up.
  6. Well that's better than you lot did. Last attempt didn't even get to the start line. Bondy was a long time ago. Just Sayin'
  7. Welcome to Sailing Anarchy. If you don't like it then ask for your money back - oh, I forgot, it's free
  8. Some common sense at last.
  9. There is an argument for holding racing during a Level 3 Lockdown in Auckalnd but it must be a pretty thin one. Below is a precis of the regulations. Auckland COVID Level 3 Regulations Level 3 states that when not at work or school you must stay within your household bubble and can travel locally when gong to work, school, shopping or getting exercise but travel between regions is “heavily restricted”. Gatherings at events are limited to 10 people and further limited to weddings and funerals. Public venues legally must close. I am not sure if this includes North Head but certainly the likes of the race village. Business that require close physical contact are not allowed to operate and have to display a QR Code. If they cannot stay 1m apart other measures such as PPE are recommended. I guess it could be argued that the crew on an AC75, or a committee boat might fall into that category and they are paid employees of a ‘business’. The main problem is that as there is, in theory, no outright ban on people being on their boats but they could hardly be considered being in their “household bubble”. I suppose the main problem is the volunteers. Are they actually at work? Also I know (for a fact) that a number of them live outside Auckland and would be unable to travel to where they would be volunteering and make no mistake the America’s Cup is no different than any other major sporting event in its dependence on willing and able volunteers. Then there is the other problem facing ACE & ETNZ – funding. The COVID virus has seriously undermined the return on investment (ROI) of both National Government and City Government. No Youth America’s Cup, a reduce Superyacht Cup, virtually no VVIP visitors, hotels nowhere near the expected occupancy and tourist industry certainly not getting the fillup it hoped for. Whether future funding is forthcoming is dependent to a degree on the goodwill of the people and their perception of whether the event was ‘worth it’ or not (never mind the government bean counters). Running the America’s Cup Match itself, effectively behind closed doors, is hardly going to enhance that impression. I know it is frustrating to not be able to sit in front of our television around 1600 NZL Time in just under a week but I just wonder where people feel the importance of a sporting event should supersede the importance of public safety.
  10. Depends how seriously you take the threat of 1 family exploding into a dramatic spreading of COVID-19. In China 3 x +ve test resulted in a city of 7.5m being tested - no more +ve's found. In America there are 500,000 families who have lost a loved one and the UK has topped 120,000 (shit, i had no idea it was this high) Which scenario would you prefer?
  11. I have it on VERY good authority that 60 Knots or above is pure scuttlebutt. The foils would be cavitating at those sorts of speeds. So many rumours, it's worse than an American election
  12. shanghaisailor

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I know that JALhazmat. I knew the campaign through my daughter quite well. My first brush with them was seeing half of Sailrocket 1 still in the mould. I was trying to keep it simple for others on the forum . Even so it is either bullshit baffles brains of the next LRPP transmission should be "Houston, we have a problem". I've attached a photo of her first public viewing at Southampton Boat Show and it amazed me when I looked at the date stamp - it was 2003
  13. shanghaisailor

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Exactly. My first reaction was wow! Then i thought 'wait a minute, that's only 3knots slower than Sailrocket 2
  14. shanghaisailor

    Ben Ainslie

    One can easily grow tired of the shit flinging towards Ben Ainslie and Dean Barker and I have. Does anyone try and belittle the brilliance of Ayerton Senna who once famously took out Alain Prost to be assured of a World Championship or Michael Schumacher who did similar to Damon Hill to secure one of his world championships? The media boat incident at the Finn Worlds (I think it was) which wouldn't likely have happened if ISAF hadn't disallowed redress due to the disruptive actions of a media boat and then didn't properly brief media boat drivers to keep out of competitors' way. And the 'fine' was DSQ from 2 races for having words - he didn't punch him. The video was available at the time but has since disappeared from the internet (I wonder why?), I remember watching it. the 2 x DSQ cost Ainslie the Championship and such a hoo ha was made of his swim across that the poorly worded SI's were all but forgotten. And moving on to Dean Barker? Does anyone actually think the likes of Stirling Moss was anything but a great racing car driver yet he never won a world championship (perhaps the greatest ever driver to not do so). Or indeed those drivers in F1 further back than the first 3 rows of the grid are crap drivers? Really does anyone think that someone with the business acumen of the like of Doug De Vos and/or his partners in the New York Yacht Club challenge or indeed someone who knows pretty much everyone worth knowing at the high end of sailing like Terry Hutchinson would hire someone to drive their multi-million pound machine if they were as crap as some of the weekend warriors on these threads seem to want to say? Give me a break - or more important give these guys a break or do you have nothing better to do with your lives.