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  1. At what point does an OCS (jumps start) become a penalty turn instead of a return and start properly? Whatever happened to RRS 29.1? Local rules?
  2. Nothing to do with the spats up above but on edge of my seat watching right now. Team GBR has not missed a medal race since the format was introduced - now that is strength in depth. Currently looking very likely or almost assured of a medal race in 8 classes with just the Lasers on the edge with 1 race to go Alison Young 10th (on equal points with 9th) and Elliot Hansen 12th but within 4 points of the 3 boats ahead of him and 2 races to play with. It would be amazing if these two young athletes could maintain the GBR record of being in every sailing final. A success story that,
  3. This wrong in so many ways. Tesla had a problem so they recalled 350,000 cars. Another automotive company recalled 1/2 million plus and when VW lied about emissions they were fined billions. Have a problem with a boat from Beneteau "Stick some bog on it". If it goes wrong when offshore you can't exactly park up and get out. It is also corporately stupid to tarnish your reputation in a market with huge growth potential and where people are, more and more, buying boats, both sail & power - I know we've sold a few. Frankly, it's disgusting and a sad reflection on boat builders and
  4. Stars & Stripes seemed to go OK in 1987
  5. If the Olympics went back to the original ideals of Higher, Stronger, Faster there would be a lot of professional athletes and coaches looking for new jobs. But yes, Amati, completely agree.
  6. You think a leaking stern gland is acceptable? Doesn't really need details if there is a leak from new on a boat. It's leaking - end of story and whining? Well surely having forked out a significant chunk of change a customer has a right to receive something that is perfect I would have though that if there is a leak it is because the two surfaces do not mate properly. Perhaps the propeller shaft though more likely is that the rubber on the seal was nipped or somehow otherwise deformed. As it is a brand new boat that has leaked from the get go by the sound of it, the very least Benny
  7. Yep - just surveyed a yacht in build at a Chinese boatyard. All hoses under any sort of pressure were fitted with clamp like this.
  8. Cheaper to buy a chain saw. Even a cost of sails would not be cheap - 100 grand - ish
  9. Huge impact on our sport for the Laser alone never mind the Kirby i-14s. The way the Laser builders treated him a few years back was appalling and just good to know he had at least a few years to enjoy that victory. Thank goodness those on here have more respect for the great man than those guys did. Sail on Sir!
  10. Actually in IRPCAS no one ever has the absolute "Right of Way" as I understand it. The two definitions are "Stand On" & "Give Way"
  11. He he - much of it was fun and it was amazing how the attacks, assumptions and claims just got crazier and crazier. I think the cold war of words has already started in the real world. It would be cool if it just remained words. Anyway, for the next few weeks I will be rather more focussed to see if Team GBR can continue its multi-Games run of success. I think in RIO we reached the "final" in every event (medal race that is). Almost as important as the actual medals when measuring depth of talent. Anyway, off to try and sort out the carb on my ancient 5hp Johnson 2 stroke. As th
  12. That's why I kept responding EYESAILOR, it was fun winding them up but they just became repetitive. China coming back with a SailGP Team? I think the forums might learn that from me - not the other way round. Dis-invited by Larry? That's highly amusing, China is a huge ORACLE market, especially in the retail world.
  13. Might have been more fun if some of the attacks had a modicum of accuracy.
  14. Completely agree BOI Guy The IRPCAS are quite clear. Both vessels have an obligation to avoid a collision BUT that is best served by the stand on vessel completing their obligation to "stand on". In other words to maintain course thus avoiding confusion to the situation that already clearly confuses many sailors. The give way vessel, in this case the vessel to windward, should give way by altering course in such a manner that it is clear to the stand on vessel that such action is being taken. On multiple occasions I have seen 'experienced' racers sailing free screaming starboard
  15. You are pathetic, grow up and get a life. I'm out
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