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  1. yep, flexible water containers filled with a reversible bilge pump, placed high side upwind then dumped in the bilge before coming ashore. Navigator blew the whistle
  2. Malcolm McKeag, another voice of the time And back then spinnakers were the proper shape :-) Wasn't that the year of the illegal water jealous?
  3. Completely agree. My wife used to call him 'Uncle Bob'. Come to think of it, she still does. Gone but never forgotten.
  4. You might have a point, the above is not the first time it has been posted
  5. Nothing at all to do with whether they could do it or not. A challenger yacht from the UK had to be build with sufficient scantlings for a North Atlantic crossing while the defender could be little more than a pond yacht with just a short coastal passage to the race course making the challenger a more heavily constructed yacht. They even often sailed across with a reduced rig which then had to be swapped out for the racing rig when they got to the US.
  6. A previous advantage is a previous advantage whichever way the rule granted it to the defender. Whether through the design rule a race rule is little more than semantics.
  7. So US defenders for decades ruling that boats had to make it to The Cup on their own bottom wasn't a "previous advantage" then?
  8. Tell that to the youths and women who get to sail them. The AC36 YAC, before it was cancelled due to COVID had 18 or 19 entries - hardly irrelevant.
  9. And once you solve that one you can go on and prevent global warming, bring peace to the world and provide food and clean water to everyone without Elon Musk's $6Bn
  10. Of course it does. I would bet my pension on the Zoom and email channels having been hot over the past 8 months. And many of the comments up above seem to assume the Protocol is a RNZYS document just signed off by RYS. WRONG! It is a jointly crafted mutual agreement between the challenger and the defender, or at least their teams. Both will have got enough of what they want and the advantages they believe it gives them otherwise the smiles and body language on both sides would not have been so positive. Also don't forget that although Dalton is a wily old dog, the guys
  11. Except the AC is a challenger's trophy, not a defender's trophy. If the challenging club wasn't a competitor in AC37 nothing can be done
  12. are you talking about the performance bond? From memory when we threw our hat in the ring the performance bond was Euro 1m. It is now US$1m - that's a reduction. EDIT - Just checked the archives - yep, AC32 Euro1m
  13. "As a package it seems very cynical to me." You clearly don't understand the process of arriving at the Protocol. GD is not the author. In fact from the ETNZ side it is more likely their input into the wording would be from Russell Green. The Protocol is an agreement jointly produced by both the defender and the Challenger of Record, not a single handed epistle.
  14. Sorry - not that simple. The Cup belongs to RNZYS, not ETNZ so your suggestion is a non-starter
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