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  1. I fully endorse what Challange says about Gordonstoun. I had the briefest of experiences of their 'regime' on an outward bound course at Moray Sea School (it was only a month). It used some of Gordonstoun's facilities and followed their ethos quite closely. Shit, it was tough but it did help develop character and I still remember the benefits and cherish the experience now, almost 50 years later. It certainly exposes weaker traits and pushes one to (and beyond) limits one doesn't realise. Perhaps not for everyone but it did help develop my early leadership skills and appreciate the nee
  2. I presume you mean kicking out the invaders - god your knowledge of history is poor
  3. You clearly don't understand the meaning of the word "Anarchy".
  4. Hear Hear, it is a follow on from the FP which is about a man who gave loyal service long after most people would have retired - 30 years longer to be precise. He also did great things for youngsters as you say. I was in the Sea Scouts and the Chief Scouts Award and the DoE scheme had many similarities. And as far as the Yanks criticising the British Empire which, as you say was already on the way out when Philip arrived on the scene, well their treatment of the First Nations (some of whom are still living on reservations) was a kind of prototype for ethnic cleansing so they have nothing
  5. For a start a scheme he introduced, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme positively influenced the lives of 6.7m young people (to date) in the UK alone - what the fuck have you done?
  6. I love that story, from Cowes Week many years ago - Sigma 38 Class - Yeoman XXVIII
  7. You say "include Ernesto & Larry". That suggests there are/were others when in fact that is the entire list. Don't think for a moment that Coutts introduced big money into the America's Cup. Charlie Barr was paid $2,965.75 in wages plus a $1,000 win bonus IN 1899 While sailors were not paid the rock star wages the top guys can earn today, Captain Barr picked up (inflation adjusted) around $125,000 in today's money and then there were the 20+ crew to pay for so hardly a pauper's game back then. Big money being 'dumped' into sailing is not exactly a new phenomenon and I reall
  8. Oh, i got your point Doug, but so many people don't. These 'Big Boat' racers were definitely as "out there" in their day as the foiling cats in San Francisco were and definitely on a par with the current AC75 and they generated the same sorts of problems - how do chase boats keep up (or not) and for the spectators similar problems now having to be solved with a custom camera boat and a couple of helos. The good news is that Sir Ben Ainslie has recently gone on record saying he would like these to be the AC class for the next 10 years - all the more relevant in his position as CoR team principa
  9. Not easy to find these days - I am on my 3rd version. I stupidly lent the 2 previous ones out and then forgot who to. This (third) one stays in my library.
  10. Thanks for posting - what a career. I doubt if any skipper before or since had such a winning record
  11. "the highest horsepower-to-weight machines mankind had yet assembled and it was usual for them to outrun steamships and speedboats of the day" So in many ways they were the AC75s of their day.
  12. If it were not just a numbers game John Bertrand would be another personal favourite. He took a team and national effort that had taken a kicking and built a group of men who really believed in themselves. His book "Born to Win" is a study of, not only winning a yacht race, but of management style. There is a mini-series called "The Challenge" which is up on youtube. It is obviously dramatized but on reading other sources many of the events portrayed actually happened. Quality is a bit lower than we are used to these days (it was made 30 odd years ago.)
  13. Although Charlie Barr didn't have to go through a challenger series he did have to go through defender selection trials when in the second defence of the trophy he went through those trials in an older slower boat
  14. Made me smile - good point but load water line is measured with a vessel at rest, not when under way.
  15. I dare you to accuse a Kiwi of that to their face - ha ha - unless you are a good runner.
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