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  1. We've raced our 36.7 for a few years, and then grabbed a Melges for my racing fix. I've owned my 36.7 since 2004, bought it new, and have loved the boat - cruising, racing, weekending, weeks on end, entertaining, etc. I'll defer to all the other posts, since they provide a good picture. The boat can be sailed in a breeze, and it's not tender... much like any other boat, set things up correctly. Goes to weather just fine. The wheel needed to be bigger. If you get a version that is pre-hull 155 (ish) you can still lower the pedestal, dig a little groove out of the cockpit, and have a b
  2. Throw a few pretty pillows on the boat, pack up some clean and fancy clothes, clean the head, and go cruising on that gorgeous boat of yours, my friend! They do call the 111 a 'family racer cruiser' for a reason. ;) DG
  3. Got mine in the mail on Monday. Order number 234. Threw it on the Melges tonight for the first time, and man... I'm impressed. Easy to read in the sunlight, I love the ping feature for the line - incredibly easy to use and accurate - timer is easy to use, and it's just a great little package, period. Fast data updates.... just great! Totally worth the wait. Apart from what it does now, I'm looking forward to an app at some point, and the additional features that they are considering. In short, I love it... period. Works as advertised. Well done Vakaros! Total win.
  4. I saw it in January at Sundance, and even got a chance to meet Tracy Edwards while I was there... It's a great documentary, highly recommended. DG
  5. I'm waiting for J-boats to register J121.org before I get too excited. DG
  6. ... and looking forward to the race. Good times, for sure. DG
  7. I believe the same thing happened on the 111 that I sail on as well. Whatever.... it's been fixed. Can't expect perfection. DG
  8. Surprising the amount of pole deflection under load. Thanks for the videos.... Always first class! DG
  9. Congratulations. Looked good in the water today. And already some offshore fixes to the rig. Me like! http://www.blur.se/2012/03/29/j111-blur%C2%B3-nastan-klar Blur splashes tomorrow afternoon in La Trinite. Love the white, my friend. Nice. DG
  10. Nice! Who caused the wipeout in the moderate breeze... a bit greedy on the helm? Thank God you don't have that terrible music much like Onne's Vanderwal's 111 video. Good times, and well done! DG
  11. They might have cleaned the scummy bottom for the shoot! Thought the same thing.
  12. Some great photos of another 111. Kudos to Blur for hosting them on his site. Well done. 111 Photos DG
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