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  1. OK, new rule... Potatoes are no longer allowed to interject in a rules discussions on SA. Having learned long ago that those who think they know the rules outnumber those who actually may by about 10:1, I should know better. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...
  2. Thank you. Though I might have been a poorer choice I appreciate your compliment on my sailing ability Admiral Stickboy, I can say without reservation that you would have been a better choice all around. -- Spuds
  3. This year's recipient has always recieved multiple glowing nominations from several members of his crew. All state similar facts, many of which I have heard "directly" from said recipient in the past (hmmm). Eleven past reciepients voted on the slate of nominations. Of those eleven, eight are intimately familiar with the sailing ability, sportsmanship, and contributions of this years recipient. At least six of those eight were in attendance at the infamous Southport Regatta and three were actual witnesses to "The Incident". I must say, I was surprised. I am more surprised after review
  4. Back from a 5+ year self imposed "flicking". Old account and password are looong gone. Glad to see little has changed in the GoM Scuttlebut. Ready to step back into the breach... (as a noob)
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