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  1. Xx0812. There’s no better mousetrap.
  2. North 3Di. Great sail package.
  3. I’ve got to take my hat off to HH. I just sailed Nemo (HH6604) from SXM to FLL. We had to transit a cold front en route and we saw 25-35 knots and VERY confused seas for about 15 hrs. We lifted the gas pedal for crew comfort...and the crew were pretty varsity. The boat did awesome. Top speed was an effortless 28+ knots, everyone saw 26+ on at least one of their watches, and no dramas. Well done to Paul, MM, and the rest of the team. Nemo is definitely a tough boat.
  4. Awesome epilogue. Glad it worked out for you guys. I knew my post had some truthiness but maybe wasn’t 100% accurate...glad the rumors about the damage were overblown. I look forward to meeting you someday hopefully. Now I have to NOT think about the one that got away...
  5. I know this debate has been had numerous times in MA, but my issue with Schionnings is balsa. I just don’t trust it long term. It WILL get wet, and it gets wet it turns to mushy cardboard. Balsa is good in theory, but “in theory, there’s theory and practice. In practice, there’s only practice.”
  6. https://m.facebook.com/groups/8876669502/permalink/10158176916614503/?comment_id=10158177043519503&notif_t=group_comment_mention&notif_id=1617239220232299&ref=m_notif She lives! A FB post by the new owners. She looks great.
  7. Kind of related to my “Tough Boat” thread, I think a lot of what makes a boat fast is the ability to push it to (and past) full righting moment. To the 5x’s credit, I’ve seen them pushed HARD and they more or less survived (broken daggerboard, ripped the skeg off the boat, peeled the deck off the topsides, broken windows, but...still a boat). The 5x “Dominator” beat HH6601 and a couple of GB60’s boat-for-boat in reasonably fair conditions. I’d hope a Mumby could be sailed as hard as a 5x, but “on paper” performance isn’t really a good indication of on-the-water performance.
  8. Man, I like the new Jupiter video. That’s a great boat for the money (seemingly). Now I’m dreaming of building an aluminum custom cat!
  9. It’ll be interesting to watch...and it should give them loads of content for years to come...but I can’t imagine taking a pass on $4/hr skilled labor in favor of doing it yourself. You’re basically admitting that your labor is worth less than that. I guess if you’re a YouTuber then you need content and that IS your job, but...no thanks. I would like to pass by, say hi, and check progress sometime, though.
  10. We were anchored next to Jupiter 2 for awhile down in Grenada. Good looking boat. If the build chat stated above in the video is accurate then it’s a smoking good deal.
  11. Man, now you got me self-conscious. My boat came with a big bronze barometer prominently placed. Now it mocks me.
  12. To be fair...the interior design WAS pretty nice.
  13. The extra large American flag and the boat’s close proximity to the course are clues. The owner was a part of the American Magic Syndicate.
  14. There’s a Rapido there. And a Gunboat 60.
  15. On the Finn/MC2-60 debate...yeah, great boats. Mcconaghy do a great job, especially considering the location and cost. It helped that they had a great designer and owners rep, but I’d strongly consider building a custom boat there. Ad Astra also looked to be well built there. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boat and don’t have any regrets. I reckon it’s a lot tougher and faster than most boats, and it’s certainly faster and tougher than anything else in this price range. But...my 10 years on GBs HAS spoiled me.
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