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  1. I would not normally be so pedantic however IMOCA is not just just a Class of boat but also an owners association and in the case of several races (Vendee arctic/New York Vendee) a race organising authority too.
  2. We'll soon seen. The ARC Version is the Globe40 (2021) - some snazzy destinations planned but looks a logistical nightmare. 15 entries so far. The other is The Race Around (2023) no entries announced yet but lots of bigger names talking about it. Looks like they're going traditional BOC/Around Alone route. That said Lipinski won't be at either - fingers crossed he'll be getting ready to win the Vendee.
  3. Globe40 double handed with some funky stop overs and The Race Around double and single handed on a traditional course no?
  4. You’re absolutely right! 6 new build Class40s at current with another 5 yet to be announced. The Class is in an amazing position and with two very different RTW races (Globe40 & The Race Around) to look forward to it is sure to ride out this storm. Both races look to be rounding the Horn in late Jan/early Feb. Globe40 is going Cat1 and TRA Cat0 - will be interesting to see how they figure Cat0 out with these new max beam boats!
  5. As someone that's been heavily involved with the Class40s (i'm a previous owner, and want to build new for The Race Around.) looking at the two races you'd be nuts to go for the Globe40. The timeframe is almost impossible for someone like me. If the race happens it'll be 10 vintage Class40s partaking in a french centric rally. And think about it from a pro-french perspective. You want to do the Route du Rhum - do you really want to sail a year long around the world race prior? The risk would be huge. 2023 allows the 'big boys' to complete the Rhum and give their sponsors one last hurrah
  6. I think the whole press release was odd. Written like a rally as opposed to a race? Very french - I believe a second Class40 RTW is soon to be announced and it'll be a competition for funding/Class backing that'll win the day.
  7. I'm not sure it says nothing! To me it confirms Taranto, Italy as the finishing port - that's big (so is the cheque by the sounds of it). Here's hoping the TOR announce the route sooner rather than later. More below: https://bari.repubblica.it/cronaca/2019/06/07/news/taranto_ocean_race-228161186/
  8. Couldn't agree more! Out of interest what does interest you?
  9. I believe that those with new build boats are also guaranteed a place on the start line. The OA are guaranteed to increase the entry limit. Under currently rules both PRB and Banque Pop are both not qualified and have no miles logged putting them at the bottom of the pecking order. I highly doubt the VG will say no to two longstanding partners that have backed sailors in the VG since time began!
  10. Old news. JPM have been saying this for some time now. Are they on the endangered list? If they host it in Bermuda then yes and if not they will be there with a fully funded campaign.
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