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  1. Easy, there is no boundary layer in marketing. Also worth noting that the concept of a boundary layer assumes constant flow, not something that really exists in around a sailing boat operating in waves. Most of the coatings above are about stopping stuff growing on / sticking to the hull which would then cause drag.
  2. Or Monkey Magic steals the cloud and goes flying off to the end of the world to win a bet with Buddha.
  3. just don't put it under a leaky hot water service..
  4. Of course its not just fires. Apparently all Ben Lexcan's drawings (hand drawn because we're talking 70s, 80s) were destroyed when a hot water cylinder leaked.
  5. Thanks all for help so far. being the engineer I am I"m going to double up with cloud and NAS based systems. I was looking at this but need to buy the hard drives separately. what should I be looking at hard drive wise? what's more important speed or cache?
  6. The seagate is a hang over from when I was a one man company and was originally intended to make sharing files between my wife and my computers easier without them having to be turned on. Back up wise I currently run a series of remote hard drives with one taken offsite (to the inlaws) fortnightly. The plan when we move into the office next week will be to bring a back up home each night and probably cloud store as well so we should be able to retrieve data from somewhere. A lot of our clients (small boat building companies) are hopeless with data etc. so lossing files wouldn't onlyu ef
  7. 53 SKIN FRICTION A boat shall not eject or release a substance, such as a polymer, or have specially textured surfaces that could improve the character of the flow of water inside the boundary layer. There are a few paints out there that claim to be lower friction, but i its unlikely any would make a measurable difference without falling fowl of rule 53. As it operates outside the auspices of would sailing, the America's Cup teams back in the early IACC days used to chase this holy grail quite a bit until from memory they ended up writing a list of allowed paints into the rule. Oracle wa
  8. Yeah, we're using onedrive at present for the remote guys. Bandwidth, internet speed and file sharing are only a small part of the problem with them. Remote working is fine for experienced team members, not juniors and graduates. That's why we're moving into a bigger office, so that I've got space to have more people in one room. We grew too fast at the start of the year and I've been chasing my tail ever since. The good news is post covid, office space is cheap.
  9. we run UPS's on our computers too. nothing shits me more than the power going out at the wrong time.
  10. The problem with cloud storage is Australia's 4th world broadband network which results in everyone saving stuff onto their own computers and then either uploading or having it sync at various times of the day. It results in everyone working on slightly different versions as the day progresses. I'm thinking with a NAS type system at least the majority of the team can save to and from it live without leaving the computer sitting there spinning every time it autosaves.
  11. Asking here because i can get an answer from people who think like me without getting a hard sell. Small PC based design firm currently 2 full time in office and 2 working remotely. Moving into a new office to allow the above to scale up a bit. We're currently using a Seagate "personal cloud" as a common hard drive for those in the office and file sharing via teams for the remote workers (they're a lower priority and tend to be given self contained jobs). The seagate seems to struggle in this role. It is not uncommon to have 150-200meg files. files are rhino, autocad, Ma
  12. two things have made ETNZ successful and in many ways they are contradictory and hard to achieve in parallel. 1. 34 years of continuity. 2. Over the last few cups a willingness and ability to separate loyalty to existing members to the needs of the team and looking outside the establishment ie picking up Verdier, Ashby, Bernasconi, Clouds and other from overseas and identifying the value of young high performance sailors like Burling and Tuke over the experience of Barker and co. Both Tindall and Dalton are very divisive personalities but you have to give them credit for their m
  13. Roger has done some great sailing cats over the years and is a sailor at heart. But for some reason I’ve never understood has stuck to the powercatsnz.com website which probably confuses and potentially puts off potential sailing cat clients.
  14. The Melbourne Race is traditionally a war of attrition with cars breaking down left right and centre and we’ve had less pre season testing along with reduced race week testing. How many finishers are we expecting and who will parked up by the end?
  15. I think with their plan to cut down costs this year, Ruples and etc sponsorship from having MS on board they will almost make a profit in 2021 as long as the kids can keep the cars off the walls.
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