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  1. interesting that she's saying the dates are worst case and wont be pushed back if targets not met. So basically: -No urgency to get vaccinated because you feel at risk -No urgency to get vaccinated to achieve a release from lockdown goal.
  2. I've had a standing search alarm on realestate.com.au for property around kettering since the 2011. But more recently we've decided we like wine and scotch more than we like sea-chicken.
  3. 10-15 years you'll only be buying Tasmanian, Canadian and northern European cool climate wines.
  4. we're thinking somewhere on the Tamar. My wife has a history in large scale (wholesale) horticulture and figures a few years pruning grape vines might be a good way to spend a few years before she retires.
  5. The other states will tip toe over the vaccine threshhold eventually, just way too much bad publicity/misinformation early on to get people off the fence unless they have a good reason to be pro-active and opening borders (domestic or international) isn't that high a priority for a lot of people. Hopefully it won't take uncontrolled outbreaks to get them there.
  6. we've been talking about moving to Tas for years. Even had a job offer back in 2006. Might have another look at it when leases come up for renewal on shop and office spaces. My staff all trained at AMC and would probably come with us.
  7. Tasmania.... I know the word but just can't place it. Wait isn't that a hair style?
  8. You mistake me for someone with allegiance to a party philosophy. I just call life how I see it. For better or worse, the only way Tas, WA, QLD etc are following nationally policy and opening based upon their vaccinations is once the state is well and truely exposed anyway.
  9. Quickest way to open the borders before Xmas. Let enough Covid in that there is no point closing them. Ref NSW and Vic
  10. No, just those who claim that they can't take the vaccine without genuine medical reasons. It is amazing how many people have health issues that make it impossible for them to either wear a mask or get vaccinated....
  11. Weather man has been talking about La Nina again this summer, so it'll take a super boat and a bit of luck to break any records.
  12. Just toeing Scomo's Party line. Victoria and ACT will follow suit because they might as well but I cant see the others rushing to join the party.
  13. If they'll give you $5K to take the boat off their hands it will probably be worth it.
  14. that's just bringing you in line with the eastern states and the reason we sell so many 4.9m boats
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