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  1. alanfw, If you want to send it away to be repaired then the best options in Queensland are the following. Watsons engineering at Gold Coast City Marine 07 5502 8133 Lex Baddiley Marine Engineering in Brisbane 07 3890 3366 I've used both for years on many projects for both my clients or my own projects. My preference would be Watsons. Pulpit
  2. Hoppy Most of us don't need an electric shitter on a boat. It was only you that needed to have a electric shitter when you first started to look for a new boat. Pulpit
  3. I just read Glen Stanaway Crap from the front page. It's the pot calling the kettle black and it's a case of the bully having someone stand up to them and the bully crying poor because he didn't get his own way. Glen shafted me a few years back to keep his rich and shameless mates happy when they were cheating in order to get their kids on a Australian Optimist team. I've seen Glen hound a child of 13 yrs old out of the sport and threaten the child with a rule 69. A child, he bullied a child. The only reason that Glen didn't have the child banded was the
  4. Next Level, The S36 is a great boat and a good all round boat and designed for Australians waters and conditions. I've raced one a few times in the Brisbane to Kepple and fleet racing. The one I raced on had a closed transom. If I was look at getting one I'd look at getting a open transom one for ease of getting on and off as well when the boys need to have a pee off the back. The closed transom was just a pain to get around the wheel and helmsman. The open transom has around 1 - 1 1/2 foot more space behind the helmsman and the life lines are higher. You are also
  5. Mate, even if it's not all carbon, $300K is still around the ball part for a new 30 foot boat. Pulpit
  6. $300K for a base boat is about right for a new 30 footer. After all it's a all carbon boat with a carbon rig When you have look at the Sunfast 3300 they start at $300K here in Oz so the Dehler 30 is about right. Pulpit
  7. As you seem to now bit about this subject maybe you could enlighten us all ? Pulpit
  8. Tamara, Give Ox a call at Hood sails and let hi know. He knows of the sailor in Brisbane that could of owned that hat. Pulpit
  9. loneshark You don't understand that Glen "isn't that guy in most clubs". Glen is a high ranking AS employee and he should know better. I'm ashamed to say that he represents my sport of sailing and he is a high ranking member of My national sporting body. Pulpit
  10. Great boat and Terrafirma will have great memories of this boat. It was a fun time building this boat and still has plenty of life left in her. Pulpit
  11. It's not surprising if Stanaway just did what he wanted and had no respect for the owners wishes and proceeded. I bet he was as nice as pie to the owner to his face when talking about it. Pulpit
  12. I wonder If Mr Stanaway is up set that he didn't get his own way and has had some of his own medicine thrown back at him ? Pulpit
  13. Crashtestdummy, How hard is it to take the keel and rudder of the boat for transport ? I've seen people double the costs of transport because they didn't even think about removing the keel and rudder and paid the costs for over hight load. You can save big $$$$ as you take up less area e.g 50' boat with keel on would be 3 boxes long 2 wide and 2 high 12 boxes deck space. 50' no keel 3 boxes long, 2 wide and 1 high that's only 6 boxes deck space. Also, is the mast one section or is it sleeved ? again if it's sleeved you can take it apart, If n
  14. Sunseeker, The rot has been in AS for years and there is a common link, the AS employee in the above complaint. I've seen him shaft kids in order to help out / suck up to his mates. The sad thing is he is a on water sailing judge and I for one don't trust him at all. We have lost many great people in both voluntary roles as well as some very talented sailor due to this man. The man needs to be made accountable for his actions and then shown the door for good. Pulpit David Pullin
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