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  1. TheDragon, It's interesting that you talk about the pole vaulter Hendricks and how he is out with Covid. Is He one of the reported 100 + USA team members that aren't vaccinated for covid ? The Australian pole vaulter was practicing with him today and the whole Australian track and field team had to go into lock down due to covid and were almost sent home. It's pretty piss pore that a first world country like the USA have so many un vaccinated members in their team don't you think ? Pulpit
  2. I think slowing down the Mod70's would be easier than slowing down a 125 footer in bad weather. Pulpit
  3. Bill E, The problem we have here in Oz is you can't sack an employee for a bad performance unless you have given them a chance to improve with some good mentoring and help. AS is rotten to the core from the top 50% down. How can we get the mentoring that they need to improve without starting again and without the same useless management and ego's being employed in any new national body ? It's time some AS employees did the right thing and handed in their resignations over their shameless performances and behaviours of the club level sailor's they are meant to represent
  4. If you can find a E7.4 then go for it. They are a good all round boat and there isn't many around. The E7.4 "Denis the Menace" won the Bay to Bay overall a few times if I recall. If you want to go fast and race then a E7 or E780 is the way to go. If you are happy to race and cruise then the E7.40 is a good boat. The Ross 780 and the Clubman 8 is also a good options as well and there is few of them around as well. Pulpit
  5. chimp too, You could call this a custom build, after all when building a new boat before you get tooling it is a custom build. The simple thing is they now have tooling to build more if they want too. Once you have the computer programming to run your CNC routers for this design then you don't have to have moulds. And as far as having Killian Bushe to run the build ? When you are talking a big boat and big $$$$'s then you get the best people and experience you to can manage the build. Stop and think about this, Swan wouldn't of built this boat if th
  6. frozenhawaiian, What makes you think it's not a semi production boat ? I can buy a brand new power boat of this size that are the same thing, the hull comes out of a mould then it's fitted out to the owners specs. Swan are marketing this as a standard boat in their range that the owner can have a say in what they want in the interior design and set up. And as far as not knowing what I'm talking about, I've been in the Marine industry for over 30 years working on big boats and for owners that can afford these toys. Pulpit
  7. $20 mil is very do able for a base price semi production boat even at 125 foot. The thing is No one buy's a base boat at that size so It's the extra's that will add to the cost. stop and think about it. A taller race mast compared to the Base boat cruising mast add $1 mil + more to the cost Standard boat is white , you want a coloured hull of your choice. add $500 + more to the cost. You want a race set of sails Main, Jib, Staysail, 2 kites and some storm sails $2.5 - 3 mil + Even doing teak decks on a boat of that size @ $1250 -1500 per / squaremeter laid
  8. LB, This is just another reason that you won your first Nobel Peace Prize for sailing and world peace. All you need now is GRS to nominate you for a knighthood and a AM. May I ask what boat your delivering ? Pulpit
  9. The current owner, Doug Brown has owned her for over 25 years and they sail her very well. She is currently dry sailed out. The owner, about 10 years back shortened the rig by about 6 feet and the rig is now a 7/8's rig. Quarter Flash still sails very well with the shorter rig and still uses the same size headsails and a smaller main. I'm told that before the mast was shortened she was rated as a maxi 1/4 toner and to rate as a 1/2 toner they only needed to lower the boom 100 mm or so and to increase the P measurement on the Mainsail. Pulpit
  10. Ocean Racer Chaser is in Southport and has been for about 10 years. Pulpit
  11. Southport has Quarter Flash still racing. I'm told that she is a old Melbourne boat. They also have an other 1/4 tonner and a few JOG boats sails g as well. Pulpit
  12. Don, I've been thinking about how we can solve the problem of the electric motor in offshore race boats and still be green. Let's get WS and AS to make the rule that all fully crewed boats with electric motors have to fit a tandem push bike like the goodies and use it to generate power and charge the batteries as back up power. It can be powered by the crew from the mast forward and the owner \ skipped can sit on the back like Bill Oddie and make smart ass remarks. Problem solved. Pulpit
  13. Don, Your right, every option has their down sides. The way I see it is when the battery system is new all will be great, It's then the battery system is a few years old and not holding a full charge that the problems will start to occur. Will AS have to make a rule that all batteries for electric motors will need to be changed and replaced every 2-3 years for safety reason ? Big $$$$ Interesting thing is, if I have a engine battery and house batteries I have a better chance of starting my diesel motor, charging my batteries and getting home safe tha
  14. Rawhide, Then you run into the problem of the thing not starting when it's needed. Just think of the problems that you have with a outboard on a trailer yacht that only gets a run a few times a year. I've seen a 8m trailerable yacht remove his outboard and fit a electric motor in it's place to save weight. Great for club racing in the Noosa river. When it came to the Bay to Bay race he had charging issues the morning of the race and needed to then be towed out to the start and from the finish line both days with no regards to the rules. I don't have a problem with
  15. Livia, 5 hours weight = about 100 L diesel will all depend on who you are. Double handers will need more batteries to = 5 hours Fully crewed boats will be alright with a standard batteries to = 5 hours And some tp 52 owner will make up their own rules to = 5 hours. after all they tell the OA and AS what suits them best. Pulpit
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