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  1. AVID, We are talking about back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The Nolex 30’s that did the Hobart were “More Imagination” back in the 1989 - 90 races, I’m told that the other Nolex 30 was “Fluor Warrior” again a South Australian Boat. I’m not shore what years they sailed the race. Im told that “Wild Blue Yonder” also came across to the east coast regular as well racing offshore as well. I also know of a few Nolex 30’s that race to the Brisbane to Gladstone races as well. Pulpit
  2. Crazy Horse, Bruce Farr designed the 940 hull and it was used by a few different builders, Binks Yachts in south Ozz as a swing and fixed Keel Nolex yachts in NZ as a dagger board and the straight 940 hull was used by other builders as a fixed keel. The Nolex 30 is a more user friendly boat and is set up well and with head room. As far as sleeping 6 ? You have 2 in the V berth, 2 in the settee when the table is down, 1 across from the settee and a big quarter berth. The Binks30 is also a good boat and for years was set up as fixed Keel charter boats in t
  3. binkoba, If you want a Nolex 30 why not look at importanting one from Australia or New Zealand ? With the Aus / NZ dollar about 30% lower than the US dollar you could end up getting a bargain and even a trailer as well. You could even get new sails 30 % cheaper as well. I know of good Nolex 30’s going for around $40-50 k Australian so it’s worth a thought Pulpit
  4. So I think that we all must of missed something here. With so much experience on board and a master 1 at the helm So let me just put it out there I wonder if the port Boat was in the right afterall. With so much experience and a master 1 At the helm, I bet that the port boat must of been flying it’s flags to tell the starboard Boat what it was doing and that the starboard boat crew just thought that the port boat was just a bunch of dickheads. Afterall most of us struggle with our flags sometimes Port boat was flying the following options F Or
  5. This is a very RQ response and shows just how deluded you are. Tell lies and bullyimg because someone tells the truth or you have been court out doing the wrong things both on and off the water. As for even joking about domestic violence, what planet are you on ? Man up and SAY NO to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in any form and be a man. Pulpit
  6. LB, You will like our little club that the race finishes at. The Lake Eyre Yacht Club and the race starts on the same day the club was founded each year on the 1 April. Because we are no fools. Just remember that the club does use the South of the old boarder Port / Starboard ruling and the club has its own racing rules and thank god that AS and all of its employees are banned from the race or even attending the club house. The local media have been told not to use the same idiot that the ABC uses in the Hobart race finish. The Commodore dislikes idiots and fools
  7. So LB, Do the rules apply for all the parts of Australia on the map or only to the high lighted areas ? Pulpit
  8. So what page of the Courier Mail will it be on this week ? Pulpit
  9. In Australia we had a great comedy partnership in John Clark and Brian Dawe and they would do a once a week comedy peace on a current affairs show on topical event. One of the the most famous sketches is on a ship that the front fell off. Enjoy Pulpit
  10. Zonker is spot on in what he is saying about the measurement points or lack of measurement points. The new mould was made using computer plotting on all of the measurement points of a legal hull and it was then computer faired after a few legal tweaks within the +/- allowed tolerances by the class rules. Them the plug was made with a 5 axes CNC router and was cut out to within +/- 1 mm. So I’m shore the plug and the mould meets the class rules and tolerances allowed under the rules. The problem as I see it is AS / WS didn’t get their kick backs being a International cl
  11. Now hoppy, all you need to do now mate is go down to whitworths and you can upgrade to the more advanced electric model for a few $$$$ more and you will have a dream boat. Pulpit
  12. I’ve made money on a 470. I got it for $350 sailed it in a Lake Eyre regatta and alone the Birdsville track and sold it when I got home for $100 more that I paid for it and it had a hole in it as well. Pulpit
  13. Even if there isn’t a mark down there we can give the fleet a GPS mark to go round and track them by AIS. I’m shore it wouldn’t be a problem tracking them this way. Wild Oats will still win as we will take Ricko’s word that they rounded the mark became they may have a AIS problems again as the crew who knows how to switch it on is overseas still. I’m shore Matt Allen will take out handicap Honor’s as well as it’s written into the SI’s so he doesn’t even need to start. The Queenslanders will take the rounding using the other port rounding and will protest the fleet for not knowing
  14. Livia, I’m a sailor and a shipwright with 32 years in the trade and I trusted AS to do the right thing in a kids class and support doing the right thing and AS felt that supporting a cheating parent because their child is a Olympic hopeful was a better option than obeying the class rules. The man behind the cheating from AS is even a On water judge. Now stop and think about the support AS would give a inspector when the shit hits the fan ? It will be the inspector that goes to jail not AS or Glen who appoints the inspectors as they just walk away and say “ it’s no
  15. Well My perdition from ovealll winner and taking out the silverware will be Vice Commodore of Shag Inlet Cruising Yacht Club Shaggybaxter Sailing his new Pogo 50 “let’s stick it to the man . Com” and with a new sponsor “I eat envy scooters for breakfast” and representing Queensland’s premier Yacht clubs Shag Inlet Cruising Yacht Club and Wynnum manly Sailing club. In his thankyou speech Commodore Shaggybaxter will thank his Sailing master and Sailing legend Sir LB 15 and will say that the trophy is going “Straight to the pool room”. Sir LB will be quot
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