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  1. I think sometime before the early 70s the International Rules required a wood boom. SHC
  2. The price the price is one thousand dollars. Don’t be picky. SHC
  3. That isn't a Finn rudder. Boat also is missing the board cap and traveler and there is no evidence of the rigging that controils the sails. Given what I know about Finns built in 1984, this certainly isn't one of them. SHC
  4. Because the UFO has a very bendy mast, there is a lot of luff round in the sail. Stuffing a heavily curved sail into a straight bolt rope track is not going to be simple. The answers are the same. 1 Release the diamonds so the mast bends very easily. 2 Only attempt to hoist the sail with the boat head to wind. 3 Make sure all battens are popped the same way. 2 tricks that can help. 1 Pull the halyard with your aft hand so the halyard tension bends the mast. 2 If things are going hard, pull on the cloth such that you put camber into the sail, which pushes the
  5. Freedom has been refitted with a big soft rig, so 19K gets you something that is complete and usable, at least as far as I can tell. Probably a really sweet ride. SHC
  6. Once again people confuse weather helm with a heavy helm. Weather helm is a function of the relationship between the center of effort of the rig and the center of lateral resistance of the hull, centerboard and rudder. Most boats have some weather helm because it is desirable to have the rudder contribute to the side force. Just as the relative size of the main and jib effect the balance of a boat, so does the relative area of the centerboard and rudder. A larger rudder, or a more efficient rudder can reduce the tendency of a boat to round up by shifting the center of lateral resistance
  7. That was the standard lazarette hatch. The rudder trunk was about 18" in front of the transom. The inspection port was probably installed to give access to the hull to bodge it together. If you had lost the rudder and cassette, hanging an outboard rudder would have seemed much easier than rebuilding the inboard rudder arrangement. The outboard well also sucks. It does look like the boat has a second generation mast, which is probably the only useful thing about it. But disposing of the garbage is probably more expensive than a new mast from Selden. SHC
  8. As the panda in the zoo say. "That's one ugly panda. I would never do her." SHC
  9. Consider the Goat Island Skiff. SHC
  10. It's not an easy nut to crack. It's pretty much a simple relationship of skin area to weight to cost that has almost no shortcuts. Fiberglass really isn't light if it's inexpensive. Once you start adding cores, the cost goes way up and there is no way to stay light without core. SHC
  11. The Canadian ETS project has stopped. The second platform was credible, their wing was a POS, but it exists. I have no idea what they are going to do with is or how much they want. Alpha, the Sentient Blue boat, is for sale in Europe. It is one of the best conventional ( pre foiling) boats. The wing is very good. John Downey who post here as Desert Wings had hel listed in the classifieds. This is the boat that beat Cogito in 2007. I have 3 platforms ( Cogito, Aethon, & Orion), one modern wing and the Patient Lady V wing, and the spar and control system of the 105 wing. Al
  12. There is a 25’ development class catamaran. It is called the C Class and it is where the almost all the fundamental technology of the AC catamarans was developed. There are existing platforms and wings that would be fine starting places for your project. At the very least you should consider it. SHC
  13. There is lots more going on here than simply winging out the jib. Current practice is to deflect the jib sheet down and out with some sort of pole attached to the mast. In the old days, this would be an “outrigger” and would have been illegal. The Volvo boats were one design and had equipment to deflect sheets that did not have to be secured to the mast. Boats which add these struts should have their ratings increased. SHC
  14. Interested to know how your Gorilla glue A cat deck repair held up?  I have an old Prindle 18 with soft spots on the decking.

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