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  1. Patient Lady IV and Patient Lady V are in Warren RI along with Cogito ( USA104) and Aethon (USA105) as well as Orion, Fred Eaton’s third boat. Of them the only boat that shouldn’t be used without significant restoration is V. She needs to have some of the deck removed and have a whole bunch of stringers and frames patched. I would also probably put a belly band of +/-45 carbon on her in between the main beam and the daggerboard trunks. PLIV hulls weigh Ed about 125 lbs each. PLV weighted about 100 and Cogito weighs 78. The others are right about there. The weight goes back up when you hydr
  2. Sorry, I disagree. The Fireball is a really good design. Melges will provide excellent class support and the 15 may be a stayer, but the Fiireball is completely original. SHC
  3. “Now that we’re married you won’t need so many boats.” ” You’re beginning to sound like my ex wife.” ” I didn’t know you were married before.” ”I wasn’t.” SHC
  4. No, not considering it. ILCA incompatible with Fulcrum core expertise. SHC
  5. Beet way to fill pinholes is with a ply of < 80 g/m^2 glass cloth. You can find it at model airplane suppliers. Laminate as a secondary step. SHC
  6. Yes. I ply per side. +/- 45. Under the dance floor use 2 on the inside only. SHC
  7. When the Volvo Ocean Race requested proposals for an inshore foiler for their stop overs, I considered the problem of having multiple very fast boats sailing in constricted areas. I proposed this. Ignore many of the details, but not having the helm forward of the wing capable of seeing almost everything. I also arranged it so that the other crew members naturally has sight lines ( and con responsibilities) for other quadrant as well. The F50 could be reconfigured to lose the jib and put the helm in a cockpit in front of the wing. I think you either do that, or you have to have on
  8. 1: Inclined foils react to steering. Heading up increases angle of attack, bearing off reduces angle of attack. So a violent turn up picks the leeward hull out of the water, as well as most of the foil, and the boat skids straight to leeward. This is what happened in Bermuda with SoftBank. Same mistake in Race 3. In traditional match racing fast big turns are essential to commanding a start. In a foiling catamaran, the big dive big luff move doesn’t work every time. 2: 8-10 50 foot catamarans sailing at 30+ knots in confined water is always going to be dangerous. The visibility on
  9. The one way to bend aluminum is called “bumping.” You take small bites that just start to yield the aluminum. You can feel it happening. As soon as you feel it stop and move the spar to bump it someplace else. The more the smaller the better. I prefer to use fairly large trees and work it like a lever. Stay cool and you can win. Get impatient and you might as well not started. SHC
  10. Get things nice and warm. 90f if you can. Keep it warm for long enough that it isn’t just the surface that’s hot. That most likely means overnight. Use the slowest hardener you can find. Brush in one hand, heat gun in the other. Heat will really drop the viscosity and the wood will take up about twice as much epoxy. Be careful not to cook the epoxy too fast, it will boil and foam. Wear a respirator. Remove heat and the air inside the wood will contract and further pull in resin. After things have stared to gel, apply a second coat. Turn the heat back o
  11. It also depends on the design. On the 470 it was thought that CG aft was more important than gyradius. On the Finns, we tried to get it just aft of where the skipper hiked. The Finn class uses a Lamboley Test to limit the weight concentration and the LCG. It was pretty interesting tying to get 45 Finns in the same corner of the permitted range. SHC
  12. They are just about as different as it is possible to be. But it’s pretty good sport. SHC
  13. How much heat do you think got to the inside skin? Getting all the bits hot is always a concern for post curing. You might consider letting the inside bake in the sun once you turn it over. One concern is that the PET core I have seen has Tg of around 75C ( which is marginally low)and things might start moving during a free standing post cure. So more control, less hot for longer, might be advised. Rock and Roll SHC
  14. Once you have pulled a real oar, your tolerance for Stupid Sticks wanes rapidly. SHC
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