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  1. Hi guys! I thought about y'all, but just never checked in. Congrats Grabbler! Your Dawgs knew when to hit the go button. Hogs kinda stumbled to the finish, well, not even to the finish. Seemed to peak a couple of weeks before it really mattered, then ran into a hot team in the supers. Still had a great season though. Lots of fun. As y'all know, Mrs. Razorback is a Vandy alum, and a big baseball fan, and even she can't take the whistler. I say that if that guy won't shut up, MSU gets to use the cowbells when those 2 play. Anyway, just checking in to confirm that the rumors of my demis
  2. I'm going to be on a boat new to me next week with a Zeus 3. I've created a route in OpenCPN and saved it as a GPX. So if I take that card with me, I should be able to import the route as you described here, right?
  3. Howdy guys, I'm still here, just never remembered to check in when I had time to do so. Hogs had another good year, much better than expected really. But they didn't light it up right at the end when it counted most. Lots coming back though, so it'll just be the usual search for enough arms. Vandy was STACKED this year, which pleased Mrs. Razorback (Vandy class of '91). When I watched Rocker throw that game in the Supers against Duke, I realized that everybody else was playing for second. That was one of the most dominating pitching performance I've ever seen. That said, all th
  4. Well boys, I survived drinking away my pain and am again present, clean, and sober. Well, mostly. HOLY SHIT we were close! That's how it goes though. Something about the CWS seems like teams have to get really, really close a couple of times before they break through. Some comfort in the belief that the two best teams at the the end of the year did actually meet in the finals. Congratulations to a very fine Oregon State team. I do love a great baseball contest, even when it doesn't go my way. On a sort of related note, Razorback Jr. is still playing ball. His 16U team participated
  5. Knight/Loseke/Cronin were perfect. Couldn't ask for a better game. Knight is just a killer competitor. He's not 14-0 by accident, and he's done it against the best the opponent can throw. Heimlich, Mize, Hjelle, Rolison, Singer, Kowar, Pilkington, etc. He's got good stuff. He's got GREAT stones.
  6. OK guys, be advised that I will not be changing any article of clothing, nor bathing, nor shaving, nor altering anything that might screw up the flow of chi around here for the next day or two. its not that I believe in any of that hocus pocus, it’s just that we are on the eve of the day I’ve looked forward to for probably 44 or so of my 51 years and I don’t want to risk anything going wrong. My God we’re close. WPS!
  7. Yup. Helluva run. 3 cheers for the Dawgs from here. Whoever wins this one will have earned it.
  8. Watching and rooting for you! Dawgs & Hogs final is how it should be.
  9. Thanks Sol! We’re fired up about it, as you can imagine. You’re right about repeats being tough. Just too many great teams to get through twice. Getting to the final over Florida definitely gives a feel of legitimacy. Gotta beat the best to be the best! Both remainders on the other side have been rolling, but I’ve gotta admit that OSU is almost scary. Holy crap they can hit! But we’re there with all the arms as intact as they can be at this stage. All that’s left is doing it. Let’s go boys! WOOOOO Pig Sooie!
  10. Can't disagree with any of that Sol, except the part about the Texas game. My idea about that is going to seem like a distinction without a difference, but stick with me. I think you'll see what I mean. I keep hearing the announcers go on and on about how the champion needs to win that first game. The numbers make that obvious, but I think the reason usually given is too simplistic. Obviously coming through the losers bracket adds games, and depletes pitching, so everybody just says "used up the pitching" as the reason. Here's my take: Nobody wants to lose game 1, so everybody
  11. Yep. Gotta start to wonder if the Gators didn’t break into a home run trot a little early this year. End of the season, everybody was saying “doesn’t matter, they’ll still be #1seed”. Then SEC tourney “doesn’t matter, still # 1 seed”. I’m not counting them out at all, too much talent & experience. But it can be hard to restart if you shut down early.
  12. Thank you sir. That was indeed fun. Where I come from, beating the hell out of the Longhorns is all the Father’s Day gift any of us need. Grabbler’s Dawgs just keep doing it too. Better get a big lead early if you want a chance against them. TTech might be better than anticipated. They are handing Singer his ass as I type, and that doesn’t happen often.
  13. Hey! 1 game, 1 surprise (at least to me). I did not see the Beavers stumbling in game 1 like that. Well done Tar Heels.
  14. Y'all are still here? Dang! It's been awhile. My landlocked status has had me MIA from here in general. But with the festivities in Omaha getting fired up, I wondered if this thread still existed. Good to see you again. FYI Grabbler, Lil Razorback is now 6'1" and a P/OF for his High School and travel teams here in Cincinnati, so I'm still seeing plenty of baseball, and the bleachers keep getting nicer! He mostly plays in college/minor league parks with the summer team. As an aside, we go to a lot of wood bat tournaments, and the maple bats that have become so popular make a BEAUT
  15. Sorry Sol, we got our share of creative strike zones too. USC gets walk-in winning run on a ball that hit the magic box and 2 of next 6 Hogs called out on balls that missed it by a LOT. Announcers gush over Gamecock resiliency. Methinks they just didn't have an alternative script.
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