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  1. I was beginning to wonder if you'd run out of puff.
  2. I'd love to get a copy of the 1872 racing rules.
  3. @Livia, are you issue spotting without suggesting a way of working through the issue? I think the only question on the table at the moment is "what is the proposed course of action resolve the problem?" and I am curious to know what you would advise.
  4. I don't have stats, but most staff do. Looking at the people who head up our interactions with clubs, all do. In that mix there's mid-fleet club level racers, twilighters and cruisers, through to people who've been to the Olympics or the Cup. Many are, or were also coaches and instructors engaged in everything from entry level beginners through to national teams representing overseas. A good bunch of people who understand the sport inside out. In my small team, we both race regularly. There are of course jobs in AS where staff don't and it really doesn't matter, as in any sport. These are
  5. Well, yes I guess you got me there. But its the OLY sailors we can be proud of. Great stuff, fantastic application of your tax payer dollar. Enriching lives through sport, no less. I've just watched the Men's 470 race 2. Great to see Belcher and Ryan work their way back up through the fleet and get a credible 5th.
  6. This is incorrect. Absolutely no club or member affiliation fees are used to find any part of Australian Sailing's High Performance programs. 100% of HP funding for Enoshima comes from government grants, sponsors and patrons. Nonetheless, we can be proud of them too.
  7. Which point? You wrote "...the performance of AS over the past decade or two is so dismal..." and I thought yeah nah. I think AS is a strong NSO compared to any other in Australia, which is far from a dismal performance. We can disagree on "thriving at the expense" of its constituents too. Being a member based organisation, we are but a reflection of our constituents. We've got a lot of great sailing going on in AUS. Everyone here should be proud of that too.
  8. Well, what else? Whilst I wondered whether there was any point replying with my view, I think you should all be proud of having a national authority or national sport organisation (World Sailing / Sport Australia parlance respectively), that is going from strength to strength.
  9. I did ask and you explained your thinking, thank you. I didn't realise we were getting into a public discourse here though. I guess we can agree to disagree. I see the AYF evolving to YA and now AS as being an exceptionally well run sport in AUS, and a great contributor on the international stage with World Sailing. We are now properly structured as a company with one of Australian sport's best constitutions, we have a great board and relationships with (constitutional) members are ace, staff know their purpose and approach it professionally, we're in a financially sound position with responsi
  10. Even I have to admit having informed and balanced comments here would kinda kill the mood.
  11. No worries. I had to google that word to understand what shocking language it was. The cynic suggestion was in reference to your MA comment, not the useless people. But I've been mulling over your comment re performance of AS over the last decade or so. I'm genuinely curious to know how your assessment was informed or what the measures were. Feel free to give me a call (hide your number by all means if this Anarchic anonymity is important) or DM me.
  12. Language. But yes, even the useless ones. Thats terribly cynical.
  13. The electrical engine draft was ignited by an ask from a boat owner who wanted to use them. Their drive was in response to environmental concerns. Whilst we recognised that, we were ultimately propelled by the argument to give owners the choice of propulsion that might achieve the same safety outcome; the ability to motor toward safety and/or away from a present danger. I'm stoked to see its electrified the discussion here. We're motoring along so anyone with sincere interest should submit their comments to the survey.
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