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  1. AC75s only look slow in displacement mode but they are still damned fast even then, it just looks slow in comparison to foiling. They have to get up to about 15kts in displacement mode to get up and foil - which they do in ~7kts. That is absolutely rocketing compared to the lead mine IACC that never got above about 13-14kts even in 20+ kts.
  2. In a class that is getting more refined there are fewer opportunities for big technical leaps. ETNZ need to make the AC class small enough and cheap enough that they can afford to run a two boat campaign - Defenders need more full scale race experience than they can get from sailing a single boat.
  3. Couple of things I'd like to see before they pack these beasts away: Nautical mile record (currently 55.3kts), might be touch and go. D class record (51.4kts). 24 hour record - 39kts avg, these beasts could beat that on a reach in 10kts. Would be amazing on a Coastal classic - current race record is only about 24kts average over course. For AC37 I'd like to see them cut down the class to 45ft length to reduce wind shadow on these tight courses, crew of 5 or 6, additional fixed lift foil under hull to assist getting up on foils before coming clear of water in marginal c
  4. Great show by ETNZ, sailing a whole regatta in wind strengths where they were likely at their relative weakest, and yet still winning. And gutsy performance from LR tactically wringing everything they could out of a boat that was a click slower - to the point that they made for an initially tight competition and a final scoreline that somewhat flatters ETNZ. I really hope that Mr Bertelli stays in the great game, he has been just about the classiest competitor in the whole history of the cup, and it's rather sad he has never (yet) held it aloft. They are a very strong team and I hope th
  5. extremely difficult to accurately estimate true wind angle on a high apparent wind boat with variable sail lift coefficient.
  6. This is gunna be gud. Am excite. Smaller wetted area for the win.
  7. From all the videos of ETNZ sailing around in light wind conditions while other teams have been sitting dead in the water or requiring towing up to foil, as well as race 8 and one of the xmas series wins where ETNZ sailed away in the light it does appear that getting up on foils in 6-7kts (a wind speed that they have known for years they need to be able to race in) is a particular strength of ETNZ. They should not have that advantage taken away from them just because it doesn't suit the challenger - after all they have spent a lot of engineering, development and practise time figuring out how
  8. Cute, probably effective. Could simple it down by just narrowing the course for the leading boat. Would give the trailing boat a slight speed advantage through less tacks to counteract the dirty air as well as making it easy to break cover after a single tack. Tweak the difference to even things up.
  9. supercavitating foils will only ever be useful at >20-30kt wind speeds, and never if there isn't a lot of time spent reaching. Those winds speeds are very infrequent almost everywhere in the world, and generally come with big waves too that destroy their utility on sailing yachts. Their profile lift to drag maxes out in low teens, where conventional foils can exceed 100. As a practical thing you would need to switch between supercavitating and conventional foils at lower speeds to make them useful for sailing.
  10. You assume it is just a lottery, but if one boat has a distinctly better capability to foil consistently at the bottom end of the rule specified wind range then they are likely (and deserve) to win.
  11. I reckon the slightly higher overall package efficiency of TR - allowing higher speed moding than LR gives them a little more kinetic energy to ride through a hole or a tack. They might be slightly advantaged at 6-7kts over LR
  12. Oversized wind shadow is a function of how much righting moment a boat has. Shrinking these boats down to 45ft DOG minimum would help make closer racing possible. Cutting down their mass would also make them faster through tacks and gybes with faster acceleration and less distance lost opening up more tactical options.
  13. how could you make these races less processional? Maybe a reaching start to downwind for a start to give trailing boat option of going to opposite pin at bottom mark would help. The first beat is always ending with 1 boat 1-200m ahead - you are pushing up against a wall closer than that. Having a longer wider course that allows more than 1minute on each tack and more time to re close the top mark gap downwind would help - tacks on narrow course are too short to make up for down speed maneuvering loss needed to break a cover. But fundamentally there is never going to be the levelling ef
  14. So tomorrow maybe too soft, Sunday and Monday looking a little stiffer. Seems ETNZ has more speed advantage in higher breeze, but a maneuvering disadvantage upwind all the time.
  15. VMG 3.2x wind speed downwind, 2.4x upwind, 5x on reach. Wooah.
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