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  1. Predict Wind doesn’t appear to be as bullish about the breeze. About as much as a sparrow’s fart around 16:30...
  2. Fuck if ETNZ fall off the foils in a gybe/tack it could easily swing the other way again. Nails still being chewed!
  3. So many plot twists but it really is a flaw of the design that races can swing that wildly.
  4. Holy fuck. My butt puckered that whole rounding hoping that Te Rehutai would stay on the foils.
  5. A complete dropout in the breeze and an abandonment is the only thing that’ll save ETNZ now... or a rogue spectator boat storming the course.
  6. Still way to close to call, especially with the breeze a little shifty.
  7. How good was that eh? Some ridiculous differences in VMG at times. Think we got a very good glimpse of how good the Te Rehutai design.
  8. Do they have to start by 6pm or finish by 6pm? If it’s the latter we’re probably done for the day inside the next 5-10 mins.
  9. Wtf ETNZ. Game over in this one before it even started.
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