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  1. Couple days back heading out of Newport
  2. “Guess it won’t fucking tip over again”....considering that thing didn’t fucking tip over in the first place, who writes this shit? Oh right. Nevermind
  3. Probably getting the bottom done
  4. Nice contrast between the new VPLP and 1st gen M&M Slim 66 (bit longer now with extended transom steps)
  5. As greenflash posted, it all depends on the sea state. As there is no emergency “brake” mechanism to lock the board in place, it is free to move with the wave action on its pivot point, so there you are, in the bilge, trying to line up the fork of a hydraulic ram, with the top of the swinging board. Can be easy or could be very dicey, with potential for a finger tip guillotine.
  6. This is kind of a short history/issues that were dealt with. 1. Performance loss. With a kick up board, while it is down, you are left with a hole in the bottom of the boat that is the length/width/depth of the board. The faster you go, the more turbulence you create into the void. If you’ve been on small dinghys 420’s etc. there is a rubber seal that allows their centerboard to drop and keep the turbulent water out of the trunk at the same time. Allowing for a smooth underbody. Just wasnt possible to create something like that on a larger scale. 2. Can’t modify the boards for more p
  7. The boom floats up when the main is up, plenty of clearance to go under, unless you cut it to be a deck sweeper. If your lazy jacks are fixed on the mast, you won't have an issue with the coach roof, if they aren't fixed, remember to take up before dropping the main.
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