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  1. Whine. Moan. Bitch. Complain. [repeat ad nauseum] Welcome to the AC Anarchy thread.
  2. There are plenty of other regattas and yacht races in other formats to watch for anyone who's interested. The thing about the AC is that it's the AC - that thing with the 'Deed of Gift' always looming on the horizon of people who want stadium racing with giant beach balls being fired randomly across the course, and tear out hatches in the bottoms of the boats that open when enough people vote for it, and stupid hats at $50 a time, ... But, no we have this things called the 'America's Cup' which involves stupidly wealthy people throwing their money at a really ugly piece of sil
  3. JR seems like the other money grubbers - wanting to turn AC into just another 'dirty little regatta', albeit one earning top dollar as befits the 'brand'. Hopefully the 'Deed of Gift' - the gift that keeps on screwing with the plans of mighty men to bend the AC to their egotistical wills - will step up and screw this plan, as it has so often before.
  4. Classic American muscle car - pretty good in a straight line, just don't try going around a corner!
  5. The thing is that the AC is the AC, it isn't just another 'dirty regatta' (thanks GD), and it isn't just about 'yachts' racing each other - 'match racing' or otherwise.. The AC is the sum of all it's disparate parts, and all built on a well established tradition of huge spending, nefarious goings on - on the water, onshore (including in court) - and constantly pushing the limits of what the rules and the technology allow. There really isn't anything else like it in yachting, or in any other sporting arena (not even F1). As for match racing, yeah it's a great and intrinsic part,
  6. It's called sailing. You know, making a boat move through wind power acting on sails! Sometimes there's too much wind. Sometimes there is too little wind. Sometimes it's just right. Sometimes there's too much and not enough and about right all in the same race. But, whiners gotta whine.
  7. Ben is unquestionably a great Finn (and Olympic) sailor, but that alone raises a question. The Finn is an intense singlehander - once you're out on the water it's a team of one. That immediately raises questions about the kind of personality Ben has. Maybe he should have looked in the mirror and said 'Yeah, I can call tactics or helm this thing. I'll focus on what I do really well, and let others look after other stuff. But, is he that kind of guy?
  8. Well, if Magnus is playing it straight then it's a pretty brutal and demoralising take down - a dagger between the ribs. Actually more like a sledge-hammer to the skull.
  9. 'Magnus has put the boot in his own team.' It'll be interesting to see if this is a major psy-ops play by the Brits, but then again maybe not. either way it's all part of the AC style.
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