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  1. There’s some info in the comments here: http://rbsailing.blogspot.com/2013/11/silver-shamrock-iii-holland-half-tonner.html?m=1 Two conflicting reports but it sounds like the boat might be no more. Sad if it’s true.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - cheap on eBay, has integrated GPS and is rugged / splash proof. The screen is not brilliant in bright sunlight but it’s a lot better than the iPad Mini 4 I used previously. Use Navionics - you can then also install it on a phone or two as back up and all the routes etc can be kept in sync.
  3. Winner 9 Speedlight: https://www.winneryachts.com/winner-9-speedlight.htm
  4. People up the thread saying UK sailors don’t scrub their boats. Eh what? Growth is rampant in most of the brackish rivers people keep their boats in on the East and South coast. Everyone remotely serious about racing either dry sails or scrubs regularly. There are hoists, scrubbing grids and scrubbing trolleys all over the place. Even when just club racing I scrubbed every 3 weeks and again just before any more major event. There is one boat in the video with a dirty bottom. One thing we don’t get much is divers cleaning the bottom. No idea why that is but probably because you can see fuck all
  5. Modified, flush deck, Robber 3E quarter tonner “Daylight Robbery”, designed by Peter Stahle. More info here: http://www.histoiredeshalfs.com/Quarter Tonner/Q Robber Daily.htm Spotted in Ramsgate, UK.
  6. I remember this boat being in Howth Yacht Club in Ireland when I was a kid. Always thought it was awesome.
  7. The “Cruising” in Dehler 33 Cruising is a bit of a misnomer. I think the proper title is Dehler 33 CR, and it’s a tall rig version of the boat. SA/D just under 24 and a long waterline for it’s LOA. Easily driven J/V hull and powerful sail plan makes them a bit of a IRC secret weapon. There are not many around but there’s one in the Solent called Ruthless which is also very competitive.
  8. They had some good results in the EAORA racing series here in the UK a few seasons ago.
  9. Hull shape looks a bit too fair on that one, think I’ll pass.
  10. Contessa 33 “Eclipse” by Rob Humphreys, spotted at Levington, Suffolk, UK. Shot through the YC window, hence the slightly poor quality.
  11. Restored Stephen Jones SJ32 Hullabaloo XV, snapped in the Walton Backwaters as I passed in the dinghy.
  12. Serendipity 43 Frumious Bandersnatch.
  13. Stephen Jones SJ35 Erotic Bear.
  14. Spotted in Brightlingsea, UK, a rare MG RS38 by Rob Humphreys.
  15. Spotted this morning on the River Medway here in the UK, Harold Cudmore’s old Admirals Cupper Justine IV, now set up as a fast cruiser and looking in great condition.
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