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  1. Has it already been mentioned that were only half way through hurricane season?
  2. How is that working out for the market today? profit taking. Trump ain't in office yet, just give it time.Profit taking? Pfft good luck with that. It's been a pure suckers rally by the major institutional investors, all to get you cute little trump supporters into thinking Oh Boy!! the market is finnnnnally going up. Suckers, all that money you've invested into trumps rally has been taken from you this past five days, and now your sitting there saying, mmmm it's just a little profit taking. Nope. China's markets are crashing, now here comes ours. I wouldn't be surprised if the markets get
  3. Sorry guys, not sorry. The only reason they're staying in trump tower is because "they" brought the kid into it. They are simply taking our money. What's the figure? $2million a month, and they're saying it'll be until the end of his school term, so a couple more months? Cha-ching
  4. I mean, at least we'll know they work, when the nuke(s) reach their intended target(s) and go off. At least we'll know that the taxpayers money is being used efficiently on, as Gouvernail has stated, new nukes. But I don't think there will ever be a detonation. There will be billions spent on ramping up our weapons, does this mean new capable nuclear warheads? Or does this mean brand new nuclear warhead shells, built by Americans and pushed through our media and sold to us as "we have to be ready for a nuclear war" when there will never be any war, and all those billions of our cash dollars sp
  5. So now you're taking my side? Hmmmm funny how that works. Obviously I didn't fail. There is no reason why his family should not be completely moved in to the WH. There is absolutely NO REASON for the US taxpayer to pay millions so she and her fucking kid can stay in the penthouse of trump tower. There's again no reason for taxpayers to foot the bill for anything to do with trump tower including renting it out to secret service agents. This is total bullshit
  6. Shut up you stupid bitch. Nice deflection btw, knowing that I just burned you on on your stupid "kids off limits" fallacy of a retort. What you don't like the truth? Hmmmm that seems odd, from a fake ass handle that I've repeatedly shut down.
  7. no they are not, and certainly not if we have to pay for his illegitimate, lying ass
  8. Sure, americans will definitely be paying for the wall, just the same as we're paying for his wife and (autistic) son(????) Barron (barf of an egotistical name) to NOT live where the first fucking lady is supposed to live. Why the hell does the taxpayer foot the bill for a son who's not even handicapped or autistic or anything that his parents have been honest about? Is he autistic, I don't think so... they're simply fleecing us and they will get away with it. The kid is 10yrs old, and you mean to tell me he's not stoked about leaving school to go live in the WH?? Get the fuck outta here with
  9. He said 'prepping poultry,' not spraying it on anything that's behind you !
  10. The chicken crossed the road to get on to a boat you guys, a fucking boat !!
  11. *IF* they were hot and mechanically/electrically talented, I do believe it would generate some interest. At least they'd actually be doing something interesting while looking hot. I lost interest in the above video when they filmed themselves napping in a hammock. Unfortunately, I don't know where to find 2 or 3 hot babes who want to fix up my boat. Well...I know of one but she's all mine and I'm not sharing. Wait, you're not sharing ..for her to fix your own boat?! 😏
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