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  1. I really thought this would be a simple solution for the solo sailor in 30+ knots of wind. Instead of 20 minutes on the foredeck hanking on a headsail, and then putting on a trysail, I could just sit at the mast and put this sail on. Anyway, I have to listen to you guys. While we are on the subject, do I need running backstays for the inner stay (located at the 2nd set of spreaders)? And is there a simple way to install them. Thanks for all the comments.
  2. Zonker Thank you for all of your effort. And I am sorry for being such a stickler on the babystay idea. My whole idea for this is survival mode not to use if I wanted to keep racing. I never intended to have the main up at all wile using this storm jib on the babystay. And it looks like the center of effort is about where I want it without the reefed main. Also the spreaders are only 3 inches below the mast attachment of the babystay so that is not a problem. Also I had the second reef put in a year ago and specified that it would be 55% or less of the whole main, so that would
  3. Baby stay is 16' 5" from mast attachment to the deck. The attachment to the deck is 27 inches in front of the mast. The stay that toddster mentions goes to the aft bulkhead of the anchor locker. I do have that also. It is 27 feet from mast attachment to deck. I am wanting to use the baby stay to keep the storm sail low and balanced so I don't need both a trysail and storm jib. I also think that 50 sq. ft. is enough for 35 knots of wind. The boat is a little more tender than I expected (but then with only 1 aboard, I don't have 1000 lbs. on the rail.)
  4. I was going to measure the baby stay this afternoon. I an not sure that it is even 16 feet long. In the meantime there is this: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/s2-91
  5. I was in the southern Chesapeake May 29, I had 30 - 35 knot north winds. I had my second reef, I couldn't advance north because of constancy rounding up. Best I could do was beam reach with main WAY out and still rounding up occasionally. I hope to do the Bermuda 1-2 in 2 years, so I need to be prepared. The sail I am looking at is only 45 - 50 sq. ft. or so (luff 15' 10" leech 12' 0" foot 6' 10") If I need to install running backstay, I can do that.
  6. I have a S2 9.1 which has that baby stay 2 feet forward f the mast. Can I or should I use that for a storm sail. It seems that the sail would be at the center of balance with some of the sail forward of the mast and some behind. I also think that the boat would be balanced when heaving to. The stay seems secure with a wire going all the way down to the keel.
  7. I say go west now, stay west because there will be no wind east of Bermuda come Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Of course not for the Class 40's. BTW where are the Mini 650's? Do they have a bigger badder race to do?
  8. I got your sextant.pdf a few years ago, and now cannot find it. Andrew Evans link (http://estarzinger.com/estarzinger/pdf/sextant.pdf) is empty. Any chance you still have it?


    Thanks in advance

  9. I don't know what I did wrong, But Sassafrass is probably right with the shielded cables, etc. So I have ordered cables, the Maretron Micro connector. Another hole through the bulkhead and twice the cables will be going to the plotter. Thanks to all for your help.
  10. That was a lot of help. I will check out some things tomorrow. The meter I have is a 1980's analog device so I really don't know if I had 5 ohms or 50 ohms , 500, or 5000. I really should get a digital one. I am sure Amazon will be happy to send me one. Thanks for your help.
  11. The backbone was still connected to the VHF
  12. I cut and spliced a NMEA 2000 cable to go through a bulkhead and not sure if I did the right thing. There is continuity on all 5 posts, however there is about 5000 ohms between two of the posts. It's not a place I want to drill a bigger hole.
  13. Emergency Rudder zoom meeting is cancelled?? I was really looking forward to that. I have a S2 9.1 (30 feet, 7880 lbs, outboard rudder) I am planning to do the Bermuda 1-2 in June. I have a couple small projects to do before then but the emergency rudder is the last major one;. The image below illustrates the only idea I could come up with. It would be constructed with carbon fiber tubes, epoxy and some kind of filler. (I am use to using coosa composite, s o that will be the filler.) The pivot will have a frame and be placed inside and secured to the pushpit.
  14. I’m obviously ahead of myself and dreaming, but I can see trailering to the Great Lakes and the East Coast at some point. They have some cool races also. Bermuda 1/2 sounds fun. This may be some bad news for you, grimoire. From October Bermuda 1-2 newsletter that will be added to the 2021 NOR: Trailer able lifting keel boats will not be allowed in the race
  15. My hats off for all those trying to make boating more affordable.
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