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  1. I don't know what I did wrong, But Sassafrass is probably right with the shielded cables, etc. So I have ordered cables, the Maretron Micro connector. Another hole through the bulkhead and twice the cables will be going to the plotter. Thanks to all for your help.
  2. That was a lot of help. I will check out some things tomorrow. The meter I have is a 1980's analog device so I really don't know if I had 5 ohms or 50 ohms , 500, or 5000. I really should get a digital one. I am sure Amazon will be happy to send me one. Thanks for your help.
  3. The backbone was still connected to the VHF
  4. I cut and spliced a NMEA 2000 cable to go through a bulkhead and not sure if I did the right thing. There is continuity on all 5 posts, however there is about 5000 ohms between two of the posts. It's not a place I want to drill a bigger hole.
  5. Emergency Rudder zoom meeting is cancelled?? I was really looking forward to that. I have a S2 9.1 (30 feet, 7880 lbs, outboard rudder) I am planning to do the Bermuda 1-2 in June. I have a couple small projects to do before then but the emergency rudder is the last major one;. The image below illustrates the only idea I could come up with. It would be constructed with carbon fiber tubes, epoxy and some kind of filler. (I am use to using coosa composite, s o that will be the filler.) The pivot will have a frame and be placed inside and secured to the pushpit.
  6. I’m obviously ahead of myself and dreaming, but I can see trailering to the Great Lakes and the East Coast at some point. They have some cool races also. Bermuda 1/2 sounds fun. This may be some bad news for you, grimoire. From October Bermuda 1-2 newsletter that will be added to the 2021 NOR: Trailer able lifting keel boats will not be allowed in the race
  7. My hats off for all those trying to make boating more affordable.
  8. rmgeis

    ICOM 710

    Lots of great ideas here, yesterday I checked all my connections and headed out to the river in the late afternoon to test everything. I still couldn't get any WWV on any of the 500,1000, etc. frequencies. I did get a fax from Boston, and some AM station at 10 MHZ Sassafrass said "However unlikely also make sure your radio is in the correct mode. Upper side band, lower side band etc. Have seen more than one boat pulling there hair out over that." What is the correct mode? The ICOM 710 Manual lists modes, but doesn't explain what each is for. I just ordered Marti Brown's Guid
  9. rmgeis

    ICOM 710

    I installed this system last winter on the boat and it never worked as I have been busy with other systems. I haven't fooled with it since because I won't be offshore until June. I hooked this same system in my basement with 50 feet of copper wire for an antenna and the copper pipe in my house for a ground plate, and everything worked fine (although I didn't transmit). I even received weather fax from Boston in my house. Saturday I couldn't hear anything on the boat, even 2500 WWV. I had the antenna lead warped around the AT 130 so Sunday I unwrapped it and heard the Coast Guard on
  10. Quest's have done very well in the Bermuda 1-2. Don't quote me but I think they have finished first, first and second in 4 entry's in class.
  11. Actually, I have to get the mast out soon. I only have two halyards, The sheave for the third halyard is missing and the axle or all three sheaves seems to be welded to the mast. I am not sure how to attach the new stay to the mast, I was going to let the yard suggest the best way.
  12. Anchor locker reinforced, chain plate installed. Still have to paint. I see there are 3 types of Dyneema , SK78, SK99, and DM20. So which one should I use, and what diameter? How far can I go down from the top of the mast can I go without running backstays? (Luff 35-38 feet). Thanks for all of the replies, amazed at the size of this discussion.
  13. I was thinking that 3 feet from the top of the mast is the most I can go without running back stays.
  14. Thanks for the photos. I think that what I am planning is more like what Bruno said "Overkill" which is fine with me. I had a friend who has naval architecture experience who consoled me to put in less. Hope to get it done this weekend, but Laura may ruin those plans. I'll post some photos when I'm finished
  15. My new plan is to fill this 640 cubic inches in the aft section of the anchor locker with Coosa composite panels, epoxied together and epoxied to the anchor locker bulkhead and deck with a chain plate in the middle. This will go from port to starboard side and up to the deck. I think the whole assembly will weight about 25-30 pounds and be strong enough to hold the new dyneema stay.
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