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  1. Not sure if I am late to the party on this bikini / dismasting entry (dismasting is on camera)
  2. & yet Beneteau’s pack the entry list of the Sydney to Hobart every year.
  3. Agree 100%, the original work looks terrible & new & warranty boats should be covered.
  4. Well there is no manufacturers warranty on written off cars or boats so you can cross that off. Lagoon’s pretty generous with the proposal Colin mentioned. Repair schedule for dealers + inspection + possible free repairs. You can’t expect Lagoon to warrant used boats that may have bounced off every beach & dock. How did they all pass they sale survey & should the owner of a yacht not be checking bulkheads regularly. I know it’s behind trim but it’s kinda an important part of a boat.
  5. Fuck you blokes want builders warranty on your half-sunk hurricane-damaged-wrecks?! Did rainmaker get warranty!! Even though they said bulkhead issues are not confined to written off examples at what point is it no longer Lagoon’s problem 5yrs from new, 10? Didn’t he say lagoon issued a repair notice & will inspect boats. His bulkhead was wet when he first inspected it.
  6. Should prob sort those issues out on sign on day, not at the after party Tubby! There doesn’t seem to be many young un’s dying to do the bow these days. Should add, driving is the best part. Give em 30 mins when you’re not under kite & won’t tip out. Might mean they come back again.
  7. Wishing him the best of luck. I would stay up there as long as I could. Once you start coming home you have to.
  8. Do they! In Qld our biggest offshore race is 308nm & has a four day long weekend & it was seriously declining. Old timer mate of mine who was building boats in Sydney in the 70-80’s said it was nothing for them to take off for 2-4 weeks for a Hobart etc. they used to do the radio relay for Lord Howe then go fishing up at Middleton for a week & turn up to work 3 weeks later like it was normal. Can’t imagine saying to my boss doing a race then might go fishing, see you when the weather blows me back this way. Just look at how many crew piss off for the delivery.
  9. Agree mate. Nothing stopping another club running another series though.
  10. Kinda makes sense to me. Some training for those crews & they’ll be in Sydney then anyway.
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