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  1. Seb needs a new sponsor and boat after TJV
  2. She reminded me again.
  3. I don't know about other states but Mass state police DOT unit carry this magical thing called a tape measure. Overwide violations are free money for the state.
  4. So far they haven't had the perfect weather window like IDEC had you dunce.
  5. So basically you're implying the best designers on earth funded by one of the wealthiest families/private banks on earth designed a boat slower than the previous gen of ultimate. You're fucking high.
  6. Gitana and the current foilers are all fast enough to stay in "ideal" conditions longer though. The amount of time spent in top end or lower end conditions is lower therefore its not as much a concern. BPXI's foil choices have yet to be seen in any real world application if they are indeed longer than previously designed. I wouldn't trust what was seen in a 3D model to be a final decision.
  7. The tracker is fine for "huh, what are they doing?" but the wind resolution is not very good.
  8. The tracker wind plots are not very good compared to Windy etc. When they were in the doldrums it was showing way more wind than they had via Windy.
  9. Wasn't that Seb Josse a couple years ago now?
  10. yeah i had a brain fart there.
  11. Open 40 scow with enclosed cockpit
  12. 24h 829 as of last report. 768nm advance. If they push up over a 1000 mile advance, losing 100 miles a day won't hurt so much with IDEC's run across the indian ocean.
  13. Yann uses a racing drone (it'll do 50 easy) for the high speed shots and the pretty shots are Mavic 2 Pro
  14. Yann didn't lose one in the VOR. He knows what he's doing.
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