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  1. For what it's worth... I listed my boat with them. The broker that was assigned to me was nice, and fairly knowledgeable. He took a lot of photos and then the POP machine posts adds all over the place. It generated a ton of views, but nothing material for several months. The nice thing is that it is not exclusive. I listed the boat locally on craigslist and found a buyer that had not gone through the POP listing. I sold the boat and didn't pay POP anything - we both verified that my buyer was not on their list. It's a free option that seems to be worth very little . Next time I'll just l
  2. All really good points. I am ok with reduced motoring range, and plan to install a 48v / 200aH bank. I think that should get me around an hour at 100% throttle, but close to 4 hours at 50% power based on what I have read. I think that the ePropulsion might be a good fit, but going to two motors adds some extra complexity and a considerable amount of cost. The whole kW vs HP conversion is tricky. Different manufacturers list the "equivalent" hp very differently. Of course, electric motors are not all equal and we are comparing ac and dc motors of various varieties. If I could get comfortab
  3. I have a 38' sport cruising cat. Relatively light displacement (I think around 7,000 lbs?). Currently powered by a single yamaha 9.9 high thrust in a central pod. This has been fine: I can motor at 6-7 knots, less into a headwind but hasn't been a big issue yet. I would prefer to have a little more power, but don't need much more. I want to go electric, and I like the simplicity of keeping the single outboard (and adding steering to it - interested in ideas there too). Has anyone looked at the Elco outboards? I'm considering the 14hp or 20hp equivalent. https://www.elcomotoryachts.
  4. Its a shame that rates will go up so much, so quickly, and leave some boaters with no choice but to head up to Long Beach or LA. Hopefully, people that don't use their boats will move out and allow some others to come into the Marina. When I joined the waitlist a couple years ago they expected to call me in ~7-10 years. In the meantime I'm in Long Beach and have to drive an hour to get to my boat. Long Beach is a lot cheaper, but I would gladly pay a premium to ride my bike to the boat. The other difficulty with Dana Point is that you can't transfer slips with the sale of a boat. For bet
  5. This might be a dumb question: does the pelagic tiller pilot not have a clutch? Do you need to physically disengage when not in use due to high backdrive resistance? I'm interested in installing one on a catamaran, so I would mount to one of the rudder tillers, but it would not be the most accessible.
  6. I also went with the Renology 175W semi flex module. It was the largest panel I could fit on my dodger, but so far it has been great (using a Genasun GV-10 controller).
  7. I just replaced my main halyard with Amsteel to Sta-Set. I used L-36's instructions: https://l-36.com/halyard_splice.php Second halyard I have made this way and for a little effort you get cheap and good good performance.
  8. Anyone know if Kirra sold? Still for sale? There is a similar Kurt Hughes cat for sale in San Diego: https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/boa/d/san-diego-40-kurt-hughes-blue-water/7210283319.html I kinda think about these as being similar in that they are faster and less cruisy compared to your typical cruiser cat. Not a lot of cats like this in the market.
  9. "The perfect platform for the discerning influencer" is what I would add to the description
  10. Nice find. I guess it will sell somewhere in between...
  11. Not sure if this should be here, or in "mocking". Any idea what this is? https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/boa/d/torrance-large-sailboat/7205691657.html
  12. I think this is the blog: http://proa32.blogspot.com/ The build looked like it was really high quality. I would love to know what happened, if it is half built in an Oakland warehouse, any plans to finish?
  13. 3M VHB double sided tape. I'll sell the boat before I try to take the panel off.
  14. I saw it sailing last year in Long Beach. Those guys made it look easy . Long Beach is a pretty great spot for it: lots of runway inside the breakwater.
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