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  1. This might be a dumb question: does the pelagic tiller pilot not have a clutch? Do you need to physically disengage when not in use due to high backdrive resistance? I'm interested in installing one on a catamaran, so I would mount to one of the rudder tillers, but it would not be the most accessible.
  2. I also went with the Renology 175W semi flex module. It was the largest panel I could fit on my dodger, but so far it has been great (using a Genasun GV-10 controller).
  3. I just replaced my main halyard with Amsteel to Sta-Set. I used L-36's instructions: https://l-36.com/halyard_splice.php Second halyard I have made this way and for a little effort you get cheap and good good performance.
  4. Anyone know if Kirra sold? Still for sale? There is a similar Kurt Hughes cat for sale in San Diego: https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/boa/d/san-diego-40-kurt-hughes-blue-water/7210283319.html I kinda think about these as being similar in that they are faster and less cruisy compared to your typical cruiser cat. Not a lot of cats like this in the market.
  5. "The perfect platform for the discerning influencer" is what I would add to the description
  6. Nice find. I guess it will sell somewhere in between...
  7. Not sure if this should be here, or in "mocking". Any idea what this is? https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/boa/d/torrance-large-sailboat/7205691657.html
  8. I think this is the blog: http://proa32.blogspot.com/ The build looked like it was really high quality. I would love to know what happened, if it is half built in an Oakland warehouse, any plans to finish?
  9. 3M VHB double sided tape. I'll sell the boat before I try to take the panel off.
  10. I saw it sailing last year in Long Beach. Those guys made it look easy . Long Beach is a pretty great spot for it: lots of runway inside the breakwater.
  11. Steve - do you think the UFO mast could be scaled up, or do materials/weight/some other variable change once you get to a 40' stick?
  12. I just bought one of these - its a Kaboat (I think that is for kayak / boat ?) It's pretty funny. Long and narrow, more phallic than it looks in the pictures - I'm expecting a lot of jokes. I'm planning to use a torqueedo, so hoping that it will be more efficient than a typical inflatable.
  13. Sailtec was really helpful and I'm really happy with their product and support: https://www.sailtec.com/ I bet they could figure out if an Integral would work for you.
  14. Yeah, I can really see the logic and I'm going to start using soap.
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