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  1. The vagueness of ATRs release suggested to me they're looking to move into a Mer Concept style management/consultancy position but don't actually have any significant contracts yet (MC also build but I figured this wasn't part of ATR's plan). There's clearly a huge amount of experience and knowledge in the ATR camp after that many campaigns but I wonder if they'll struggle to attract Vendee level teams due to their 'not in France' location??? HB7 for Alan Roura would be significant step-up; the complexity of that boat must bring additional running costs for a team in terms of the shore cr
  2. Seems like this happened a while ago but has only just become public. I wonder which came first, the split or the new AC challenge...?
  3. Maybe not to everyone's taste but there's a female pro-skier called Gabby Palko who lives onboard a small sail yacht in Alaska. Between her big-mountain adventures and boat based existence her Instagram feed has some beautiful and stunning photography (she skis BIG lines). https://www.instagram.com/gabbypalko/?hl=en
  4. It should be interesting between the two big-uns - Comanche is under new ownership but has kept plenty of the old crew so should be pretty well up to speed (they're thrashing around St Tropez this week rolling pretty much everything including Rambler), Skorpios had a solid opening race and are probably a bit more confident with pushing the boat but they likely still have a long way to go in terms of optimisation of sail cross-overs etc. If there's some breeze we should at least get some good footage.. Also looking forward to see the 2 foiling MODs go up against each other - AFAIK they're
  5. Someone else made the point up-thread about Merc and F1 in general not just being focussed on aero(fluid?)dynamics but also highly complex and lightweight hydraulic and electronic control systems. IMO this expertise on it's own could be a Cup winner for an AC team - the complexity of the appendage and sail control systems on these boats has increased exponentially in the past few cup cycles and this a field that F1 teams are surely years ahead in? Being more specific to the INEOS/Merc pairing, I think the management structure of the Merc team being bought over into the INEOS operation wo
  6. I did sign-up because we figured watching the live-stream could be counted as 'work'... still waiting for the confirmation email and link
  7. I was surprised by this, I hadn't realised Armel was lacking a title sponsor or that he had 'split' with Manuard. This initiative with Airbus is interesting though, it could be a relatively easily implemented way to reduce 'new' carbon usage in boat builds.....
  8. They're back at in Menorca. Alegre have started off strong with 3 bullets whilst the rest of the fleet are having a bit of a struggle to find any consistency; Quantum are having a (relative) shocker with some poor starts and apparently a chase boat collision on Day 1, Bronenosec got a bit eager on Race 2 start and took their bowsprit off on the transom of Paprec.
  9. Sorry, I meant my INEOS source and his choice of LR for the aero package being more a reference to the overall aesthetics of the LR package. Wasn't trying to suggest LR sacrificed performance over looks....
  10. Yes, I saw that interview just after posting that last comment. I did wonder if the choice of LR for their 'aero' was actually more aesthetics focussed, the LR package was very slick looking.
  11. I had an interesting conversation with an ex ITUK team member who said out of all the boats he'd still have chosen the ITUK sail control system (with LR aero and ETNZ foil package). This was a bit of a surprise but it does highlight the importance of integrating every system together succesfully - maybe ETNZ didn't have the absolute best rig package but just the best integration of all the systems together..? FWIW I'd include the crew as one of these 'systems' and I think LR and ETNZ also had consistency here that the other 2 challengers couldn't match.
  12. This is my go-to online resource for knots and Dyneema splicing https://www.animatedknots.com//boating-knots https://www.animatedknots.com/splicing-knots The clickable and zoomable step-by-step guides are really helpful. I haven't used it for double braid stuff - I mainly use it to remind myself of particular steps on splices/knots I don't use often enough to completely memorise. Prime example being the crown knot for soft shackles. There is also an app which may give 'offline' compatibility but I haven't tried that either.... As for tools - for small/medium diameter
  13. Container gossip is that Botin has been signed up for Alinghi....
  14. Did this get discussed already?? One of the Mc52s burnt down here in Palma last week - apparently an electrical fault was the cause. https://www.majorcadailybulletin.com/news/local/2021/09/13/89385/mallorca-news-catamaran-fire.html It burnt to the waterline and was hauled out last week into one of the shipyards...
  15. I'm also aware of this happening in my home town in the UK but my experience has slightly different origins. The is considered a desirable place to live and is also just inside the commuter belt for London. My sister and others who have grown up there and are wishing to remain/return and purchase a house are fighting against a flood of extra interest from those wealthy families escaping the cities. The only real option the locals have to try and gain an advantage over the wealthier families is being 'on the ground' and finding opportunities before they are public. One of my friends was actuall
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