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  1. Is it a sure sign the S2H is off when this thread turns to commentary on overseas quarantine rule?
  2. The race won't proceed unless there is a major change in thinking by the Tasmanian Gov't about how they are managing the apparent rampant COVID risk on the mainland. Common sense would suggest you remove all the State borders now the virus is either none existent or suppressed in almost all States (even Vic seems to be now under control), but we all know common sense aint that common in most politicians unfortunately.
  3. Ran into one of the guys off Ambition last night. They had a new keel half built and were planning full campaign for 2019/20 when CD got an offer he couldn't refuse. It all happened very quickly. Nothing planned to replace it as they weren't expecting to be boatless. Nice problem to have I suppose?
  4. Nice ride for the Extasea lads. Sounds like one more TP on its way too. What's the update with Ambition? It's not listed anymore on Ancasta so has it sold?
  5. Pretty good result for the guys on Ambition in the Gold Coast race in a hot fleet of TP52s and IRC boats.
  6. And you seem surprised you had these issues when you bring a very deep draft boat to Geelong and race it in the inner harbour? Us cruising division boats found it somewhat funny.
  7. Carrera (Marten 49) from my side of town. Add it to the TP, Rush and PC, then at least there are a few. There will will 5 TPs at the AYC at PCs home club if they wanted to play on home waters.
  8. Maybe they haven't noticed but someone needs to tell the guys on Primitive Cool there are a few other 50 footers have arrived on the bay since October. Perhaps it's time to come back home and help build the fleet http://www.rolexsydneyhobart.com/news/2018/day-4/first-24-hour-run-by-primitive-cool-firms-winning-belief/
  9. CD's new boat looked bloody pretty sweet in the breeze on Saturday afternoon. Must have been doing 20knots as it flew past us heading downwind in the last race.
  10. Didn't CD get out of big boats due to young kids? Maybe not him but someone else then?
  11. Only had it for 6 months. Surely a story as to why it would be for sale so soon.
  12. Was driving up Beach Rd two night ago to see a rather larger boat (looked a bit like the old 65 ft Brindabella) aground of Beaumaris beach. Anyone know how it managed to get itself there?
  13. Listening to some of the old SYC members at my club now, it would appear that Sandringham has been taken over by "non-sailing members" with many of the "sailors" heading for other clubs due to the unfriendly, super commercial feel of SYC now-a-days.
  14. Boat 1 for sale, boat 2 not sailing, and boat 3 deal falls through. Are there issues or should we just stay calm?
  15. Anyone know who is apparently looking at the 2012 TP Audi All-for One to join the growing band of boats here in Melb? Is this boat a sistership to Shogun?
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