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  1. Nelson

    I think you could use your current beams. At least if they are the same as the F82 beams you could.

    Building the floats is a "walk in the park" compared to building the beams.

    I like the F85 floats but have not sailed the F25 or 82 to make a comparison.

    Maybe Evil could tell what he thinks.

  2. If you just get the blank carbon tube from C tech the price is not so bad. I was quoted around $8,500AUD.

    If they completely fit it out with carbon fittings, as they did for me, the price goes up by a huge amount.

    Were they quoting a fitted mast?

    My mast fitted with sheaves, 5 cleats and diamond wires but without halyards and stays it only weighed 57kg and over 7kg of that was the diamond wires. I had them put hi mod carbon down the side to improve the stiffness through the minor axis and they could have reduced the weight by another 3kg but I chose to keep the weight and increased safety factor. (This is the 12.6m mast)

    I'm retired and offset the cost by making some etching presses.

    I had already bought a lathe to make one for my misses. It was cheaper to buy the lathe and make her press than get someone else do the machining. (browny points plus as the lather was handy making stuff for the boat too) So I just made half a dozen more etching presses and that helped pay for the mast.

    I'm extremely happy with the C Tech mast.

  3. On the subject of building and in particularly building an F85.

    I have really enjoy it. It has been great fun.

    I know from experience that you cant beat the feeling of sailing a boat that you have built yourself.


    But to build you have to really want to build.


    If you just want to go sailing get an extra job and pay someone else to build it.


    BTW:- I does look a little better with paint. Also I have decided to skip the antifoul and only put it on when I get sick of bringing it home.



  4. I'm starting to approach the pointy end of my F85 build. At least in the grand scheme of things. Probably still a few months before launch.

    I have now acquired the carbon mast & boom, motor, sails, trailer and finally tow vehicle. Beams and floats finished and undercoated.

    Painting the inside is finished and I've ordered the undercoat for the outside. They say it will take 7 days to get it in.

    That just gives me with the opportunity to continue to improve the outside even though it is a case of diminishing returns.

    Getting a coat of paint on it should be a big step forward in improving its looks.


    For me right now the big question is what to do about anti fouling if anything at all?



  5. Wayne,

    Essentially they could use the same shape but have it fit into a socket rather than bolt on the outside.

    Now it looks cheap and nasty.

    When not in use or not optioned have a plug that goes into the socket that gives the same shape as when it's not bolted on.

    This would make a huge difference to the appearance and finish of the boat and it's not that hard to do.

  6. They really should do something about that prodder.

    Looks like it was tacked on as a real after thought' and detracts from what is otherwise a good looking boat.


    There is nothing to divert ones attention around the bow so this is important to a boats aesthetics.

  7. Just wondering about two boats that I used to read about in the 80s.


    Fritz the Cat a Crowther 29ft Harrier and also I understand Crowther had a 40ft cat Wahoo?



    Anyone got any history on these and know where they are now?

  8. Nico,

    Interesting that you keep track of your hours.

    I don't want to know how much time I spend on it, nor do I want to know how much it is costing.

    That way if I'm asked I can say I don't really know, my better half does not sail.


    I'm still enjoying the build and just looking at one step at a time.

    The CMMs were built first.

    The floats are built, faired and undercoated.

    The 4 beams are also built, faired and undercoated. (I agree the beams are a huge amount of work.)

    The folding mech is finished and clear anodised.

    The first half of the main hull is sitting undercover waiting for me to finish laminating the inside of the second half.

    Then the two halves will be joined.


    I've had a few weeks off recently, because of a bike tour, but should get back to the boat in a couple of days.


    Progress can be seen via the following link:


  9. I plan on initially having one rudder in the main hull. Later when everything else is sorted I'll add rudders to the floats.

    That way I can try one rudder , two rudders and even 3 rudders.

    I plan on doing a lot of coastal sailing and redundancy in the steering would not be a bad thing.

    But until I actually do it I won't really know what I prefer.

    I understand both Team Vodafone and Team Aus OMR 60 tris run 3 rudders.

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