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  1. Good question. Hopefully the boat will be in the water before the start of the next sailing season. But if it takes longer so be it. I'll put all the time I can into it and just see how it pans out.
  2. Here is a pic of a mast for theF85SR tall rig. At 12.6m tall with most fittings built in including clutches for all 5 halyards , but minus halyards and stays, it weighs in at 57kg.
  3. Just wondering about two boats that I used to read about in the 80s. Fritz the Cat a Crowther 29ft Harrier and also I understand Crowther had a 40ft cat Wahoo? Anyone got any history on these and know where they are now?
  4. Nico, Interesting that you keep track of your hours. I don't want to know how much time I spend on it, nor do I want to know how much it is costing. That way if I'm asked I can say I don't really know, my better half does not sail. I'm still enjoying the build and just looking at one step at a time. The CMMs were built first. The floats are built, faired and undercoated. The 4 beams are also built, faired and undercoated. (I agree the beams are a huge amount of work.) The folding mech is finished and clear anodised. The first half of the main hull is sitting undercover waiting fo
  5. I plan on initially having one rudder in the main hull. Later when everything else is sorted I'll add rudders to the floats. That way I can try one rudder , two rudders and even 3 rudders. I plan on doing a lot of coastal sailing and redundancy in the steering would not be a bad thing. But until I actually do it I won't really know what I prefer. I understand both Team Vodafone and Team Aus OMR 60 tris run 3 rudders.
  6. Glynn, How is it all going? Any of the outstanding items turning up yet?. Really looking forward to hearing more about the boat.
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