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  1. Over the years, we've sailed a few sketchy "RC forced" races during championship regattas that should've never been scored. Sometimes Mother Nature doesn't want anybody to win a pickledish and we should be happy with that. By the results, looks like the DIYC RC sided with her this time.
  2. Yawn. Should I get the popcorn?
  3. Any of you critics going to tell this artist her painting sucks?
  4. I don't know about you guys but I just love allowing my peers to keep watch over my personal finances. It gives you so much to talk about at the yacht club bar.
  5. It's a 35 way tie for 1st place. .....or last depending on your look on life.
  6. Circle of life. It is a known fact that after spawning upstream a Hunter dies. Are there no bears in the Missouri wilds that can clean up the carcass?
  7. The new Decapitator 30 from Squid Game Yachts?
  8. One big portable hard drive of your choice plus one Pelican Case that it fits in. Done. Next question.
  9. Galveston Bay. Pea soup with sweet crude mixed in for flavor.
  10. This is torture. 9 minutes of what the fuck backed by music made by thumping a stick against a log over and over.
  11. Yes. As Hokie said. About a 8 inches down from the spreaders, tie a bungee from one lower shroud around the front of the mast to the other lower shroud. Needs to be snug, but not really tight. Tape the knots. Also, when setting the kite, make sure whoever is down low helping it out of the bag gets the head and halyard aft and around the shrouds. Also, also, get the kite up before the helm eases the main all the way to the spreaders.
  12. Lot a talk about fairness in the class. Maybe so, but I'd like to see the results for each hull for each regatta sailed. There's a lot of demand to be "dealt" that #03 boat. Seems like it is always at the front.
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