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  1. Superb set of sails there on Thelma ...... though I say so myself.....
  2. It's so we can make you a new one.....duh!
  3. "Today, institutions fundamental to the British system of Government are under attack the public schools, the house of Lords, the Church of England, the holy institution of Marriage, even our magnificent police force are no longer safe from those who would undermine our society, and it's about time we said 'enough is enough' and saw a return to the traditional British values of discipline, obedience, morality and freedom. What we want is Freedom from the reds and the blacks and the criminals Prostitutes, pansies and punks Football hooligans, juvenile delinquents Lesbians and left
  4. " They'll string you up on wire behind the Black Mariah so ring your bell and peddle like.....heck on a bicycle built for two....."
  5. Sol's disencouraging rape Well done that man
  6. Same here Terry. Had my second jab here in Whangarei on Tuesday
  7. ooh! ummm! I got this!! He's a bullshitter! ( what do I win? )
  8. We'd kind of like to know that ourselves. Vaccinations are rolling out pretty quickly now. Had my second jab yesterday. In and out in 25 minutes But don't expect media, opposition politicians - and some posters here- to do much more than bleat Have to wait and see if Auckland can be contained sufficiently yet. As soon as something like this happens a large number of them unfortunately believe that "Go home, stay home" means "jump in your car with the boat on the back and sod off up North/to the Coromandel to your beach house". Our local small supermarket staff can spot them a
  9. I bridled a little at that remark
  10. Get a Piedy up ya! Des Townson designed around 1961 . Bloody awesome little boats yeah yeah you don't have 'em in the States Shame really https://www.sail-world.com/NZ/Woodstock-takes-the-Pied-Piper-Nationals/-23492?source=google
  11. Watched a doco recently about the mini Ice Age. Theory was the trees that grew during that period were ......iirc........ sightly more dense. Hence the spectacular sound of the Strad
  12. There just maaaay have been a little more room between the boats due to camera foreshortening ......... but bugger all....
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