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  1. Who cares? They'll spend what ever they think they can/ is appropriate and beats out other host bids.
  2. Thats what happens when the world is gripped by a global pandemic.
  3. Obviously they are, which is why European cities are throwing money at them.
  4. Sounds more like Culver wants to distance the club from being an “international team” and wants to focus on building an American team instead of being a team of international mercenaries
  5. I think Dalts knows the NZ public. The public ALWAYS, ALWAYS turns its back on Team NZ every cycle, but that only lasts as long as the quiet period in between racing. If the boats and teams were racing now, the NZ public wouldn't be as frosty as they are toward the team. The problem is, the AC goes quiet after every cycle finishes, and that opens up the opportunity for the media and certain public groups to air their dirty laundry and appeal to the same group of people that come out of the woodwork every few years when there's no racing to watch. That all goes away when the racing starts. For
  6. Yeah there is history, prestige and money. All of which the NYYC possesses
  7. How do you figure that? There is at least 3 right now. LR, INEOS, and S+S. AM is a probable, and Alinghi (if the rumours are true) is also in the mix. That makes 5, and thats before any protocol or venue is confirmed.
  8. When you admit being wrong about Nationality rules and ETNZ and/ or Dalton being "Traitors" I'll think aboiut doing the same, but you won't so...
  9. It is what it is. No one is “crying poor”. If they were poor, theyd be desperate. If they were desperate, they would have accepted the Govt offer. They didnt. Contracts expire when the cycle ends. Critical members (design team) are kept on retainer to avoid them being poached by other teams.
  10. "After the completion of the races the battle returned to the courts and on 28 March 1989 the cup was awarded to New Zealand on the basis that the competition between a monohull and a catamaran was a gross mismatch and not in the spirit of friendly competition between countries.[1] However the Appellate Division reversed that ruling, saying the Deed of Gift does not limit design or say anything about the number of hulls a yacht may have, and the reversal was confirmed on 26 April 1990 by the New York Court of Appeals.[9] Thus San Diego retained the cup, defending it again at the 1992 America's
  11. Yes, they did. On the water, that year was irrelevant.
  12. S+S did win both races in 88. The races did not determine the winner, the court did.
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