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  1. So what is your point? You're jumping around from the Nationality rule, to "what if" scenario's to boat costs?
  2. I was only using what ifs because someone else did. Yes, thats exactly what I'm saying. If you can't meet the Nationality rule, maybe you shouldn't be part of the AC.
  3. No ones crying about not having funds. Its actually the other way round. The Government wants to contribute. Team NZ want to do it without Government funding, and believe they can. Its just what that looks like, is the question. Screw the "cheaper boat". The Americas Cup has never been about using the cheapest boat.
  4. There are very few Kiwi billionaires. There are billionaires, but unfortunately billionaires don't enjoy spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a campaign they can only watch from the sidelines only to get their asses handed to them. 1 billionaire got his butt kicked by another billionaire who knew he couldn't win a Challenger series so excluded all other challengers and took the easy route to the Cup in 2010, in 2017, 2 billionaires got demolished , one (supposedly) had achieved everything he set out to achieve, and quit the game. Both those billionaires are now out of the
  5. Lets be honest, Phil has had the opportunity to get involved for years. He's a former 2 time winner on the WMRT, a former winner on the ESS and GC32 tours as well as a helmsman on the SailGP circuit. He could've been involved in the last 2 cycles, but wasn't, for what ever reason. I mean, as good as Phil is, he couldn't even convince Larry to let him lead a Kiwi SailGP team. Imagine if a Nigerian team wanted to get involved in the AC, but can't because the Swiss team hired all their local talent, because they can't pay the same kind of salaries the Swiss team can. Imagine if Te
  6. Because there aren't any "design teams" with a singular focus on the AC anymore. The technology has become so specialised that teams are hiring external companies for their expertise. Companies like Siemens, Airbus, and Mercedes. LR has partnered with Ferrari this time around. LR would have to ensure Ferrari can prove the only employees working on any aspect of the design process are Italian Nationals only, or can meet the Nationality rule. If you were going to implement a Nationality rule for designers, you would have to ensure teams don't hire external companies like Mercedes, or S
  7. Which is why there is a Nationality rule right? I mean, surely there are local professional sailors looking to pursue their AC dreams without restriction right? This rule allows them to do that.
  8. Its funny how people who have a problem with the Nationality rule because it disadvantages sailors, don't have a problem with saying "Teams without billionaires should just get one" If you can't satisfy the Nationality rule, go somewhere else.
  9. Because other professional teams don't have the added issue of having no certainty, and no budget past each season. The whole point of the AC is to exhaust resources in order to win the Cup. Once the Cup is decided, contracts expire. Other professional sports have certainty, the next season is confirmed before the current/ previous cycle ends, so teams can and do start planning the for the next season before the current season ends. The Cup doesn't have that certainty, which is why the majority of team members employment contracts end when the cycle ends. That's why we see, certainly the
  10. So convince an existing team to pick you, or convince a backer to put a team together, or go and do another circuit until one of those 2 things happen.
  11. Until they actually do something wrong, they've done nothing wrong, so how about instead of pre judging now, for something they haven't even done or confirmed yet, just fucking calm down and wait until something actually happens FFS.
  12. This same old argument. No one cares about "private" or not. They're a continuation of Team NZ which was, what ever way you want to look at it, for all intents and purposes, a National team. Privately owned or not, they are, as they always have been, a Kiwi team. Blah blah blah The die hards are their fans. If you think fans will turn away from them, you are blind, like you've always been towards the team, it doesn't matter what they do or don't do, you will always have a problem with them for some reason, whether its reasonable or not. So you can continue with your jealousy of every
  13. You can't change your nationality just because you're looking for overseas venues, nor should you expect to have to. If you're born a Kiwi and represent a Kiwi team, why should you have to disown your National identity because haters like you want to find something to bitch about? No way! Oh cry me a damn river. Like I said, there are probably hundreds of professional footballers around the world who miss out on world cup squads because they're not good enough, thats life. Get another job or get better, but don't expect everyone else to help you just because you couldn't make it into a te
  14. I have no problem with any of it. I prefer a Nationality rule because it keeps teams together. It also keeps the selection process as "in house" as possible. I also understand the economic factors involved in establishing your market value in a global economy, and if you accept sailors shopping themselves around, to be consistent, you should also have no problem with it.
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