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  1. Ask those who bleat about human rights records. Personally I don’t give a shit about countries and their human rights records. Im here for sport not politics.
  2. Exactly, and if not for ETNZ, there would've been no challengers.
  3. Bahaha you really are a troll if you're comparing Jacinda to Hitler and Stalin lol
  4. Really? You don't know what an AC45 is!? How can you not know what an AC45 is?
  5. But still far more than 2013. And lets not forget, Softbank were an Oracle team, so count them out and you have 4 challengers.
  6. Teams were forced to buy AC45F's last time too. Its chump change for the Challenging teams.
  7. No, we can't, because Alinghi entering would mean at least one EXTRA team, so your claims would be incorrect.
  8. Like her or not, she makes the calls. She's the PM, she makes the rules, and you follow them. Sounds familiar?
  9. You cant have hypocrisy without reality. The reality defines the context, and the context defines the situation and whether or not hypocrisy exists. Without reality or context you simply can not accuse someone of hypocrisy.
  10. Wrong. Lose in Auckland, which is far more likely than offshore, it probably wouldn't survive. Lose offshore it probably won't survive either. So where does that leave us? The same place it always has. Win or its game over.
  11. Again, no rules. No win, no future. Its that simple. So yes, win.
  12. Doing what with what rules? There are no rules being broken. There are no rules full stop. The DoG does not require them to defend in their home waters. The only rules are the ones Team NZ make because they won. Pretty simple, even an ignorant bellend like yourself should know.
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