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  1. we have a light SE at the mo, tending east & variable - hard choice is the course area today
  2. looking at the 1K models on predictwind at 1500, course E if it can be rotated left a little with sea room is promising
  3. the course area decision will be challenging today, light SE & NE at the mo depending on which side of Rangi
  4. what a relief not easy being us today, but wow hats off to the rescuers
  5. yep north coast of Waiheke Island today
  6. https://www.sail-world.com/news/227453/The-Ocean-Race-2021-22-route-is-announced No mention of in-port races as yet - they were great in the past, challenging for crews and shore teams - great for the host ports and fans
  7. a bouquet for the Kea & Fullers - she does by far the most dockings of any ferry on the harbour, carries a big load for her LWL, efficiently doesnt need to turn around in the increasingly crowded ferry basin or at devo wharf - has one engine each end in oppossing hulls, - one of the steerable nozzles pulls while the other steers. small wash, quite a complex control system and multiple helmstations. will be a tough design to replace the benefits, when time comes i suspect
  8. Moby lines sail overnight from either Napoli or Civitivaeccia - also from Genoa however unloading at Olbia in the NE & then a long train ride to Cagliari - worthy scenery though. another operator called Tirrenia
  9. spotted a red hulled F50 trialing off Ruakaka beach (New Zealand, North Island East Coast) on friday 10th in good breeze, couple of chase boats - could have been the new Danish entry
  10. Waiheke Island is 35 min's from the Auckland CBD by fast ferry - accomodation is largely in managed holiday homes with two or three larger places. Plenty of B&B and Luxury options too. In between AC race days there are many Vineyards for Wine, Olive and Honey tasting and local cussine plus outdoor activities for families, bike hire, kayaking, horse treks etc. Theres a locally based Charter boat who will be providing trips from here to the race course so avoiding the central harbour mayhem. Waiheke Island is very close to one of the race course options. For those with their own vessels, the
  11. here's a wild guess - HB to Conrad Colman
  12. be great if Bernard Stamm was the buyer
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