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  1. If you let the rudder go to far and it hits the bottom of the boat you will be taking bottom paint off and potentially be damaging your rudder. It may be that the rudder I have (mod 3) I think, has tighter tolerances than original and that's why the stops are necessary. Once I get the boat back in the water I can post a photo.
  2. excellent advice. Yes these stops are what you are describing. I'll reinstall and give them a try. I'm mostly worried about maneuvering in close quarters in crowded starting area. My previous boat had seriously strong stops so maybe i'm just overthinking. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the input. Yes there are two stops. 1/4 in bolts with rubber. The j 35 has a massive rudder system. Two 1/4 inch bolts are pretty wimpy. Thought maybe someone may have come up with something other than this. The bolts will bend over as they were when I picked up the boat
  4. I recently purchased an 85 j35. The rudder stops are 1/4 inch bolts that must protrude over an inch and don’t really provide much of a stop for the rudder. There must be a stronger way to stop the rudder from turning to far. Btw it’s a tiller.
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