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  1. Allan Teske crossed the bar on April 30th. Others are more familiar with his accomplishments than myself, so feel free to add anything I missed Over 50 Chicago Macs Master Mariner National Judge for the past 20+ years Past commodore of Columbia Yacht Club Chief Judge of COLYC Artist with several paintings to his credit Accomplished tango dancer In the past two weeks, he served on the Protest Committee for Lake Forest Sailing, and posted a 1 1 1 2 1 one day score line in the COLYC Colgates. He also helped recruit and train many of the race offic
  2. Does someone have a link to the NOR and SIs for this event? Generally DPs are used for those documents, not for other rules. See RRS 64.6 and 86 for additional language. Also here: https://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/DiscretionaryPenaltyPolicySWCNov2014-[18029].pdf Also, to SS' point above, both 44.3 (rarely used in the US) and Appendix T both procedurally describe how to take a penalty. On the course, at the time of the incident (see 44.3 for the exact wording), if the rule is invoked you can take a 20%. After the incident (where you have not taken an alternative penalty) up
  3. I happened to have the opportunity to be present when the original concept and language was being bantered about by the absolute right people. Palmer Cup (team race), 2018, at Newport Harbor. The eventual winning team pulled in a few folks Monday afternoon to discuss how to eliminate dial downs in team racing. In 2016 or 2017, the really good teams had figured out how to eliminate 16.2 in on the water situations by never allowing the port tack boat to be in a position where they were keeping clear to pass astern. 16.1 still applied, but it allowed another way for a starboard tack boat
  4. LOL. Thanks for that @Brass. Unfortunately I am unable to help you with your request. Due to my visibility in the midwest, conduct unbecoming would compromise my position as a certified official. Yes, I actually take my online persona into account.
  5. This has been asked about in a few spots, and never really addressed. I can provide what I have heard from other officials. Full disclosure, I am an NJ/NU. With regard to match racing, I am aware of two reasons R17 was removed. One was that our customers, the sailors, wanted it. The other involved the more challenging areas that umpires were required to judge, that being an overlap both near lay and when the lead boat was attempting to defend her space on the run. At top level events you usually have a wing boat available in addition to the umpire boat, so the match umps can mind th
  6. What they said about Geek squad. If you want to try doing it yourself, there used to be a part you could buy that allowed you to plug the drive in after the PC was running, and it would allow you to copy the stuff out of there that you needed. Buddy of mine did it in our office about 8 years ago. I wish I had better information for you on the part.
  7. As a judge, avoiding the room hurts us as much as the sailors. We need the work. One comment / question - if sailors are avoiding the room, like the Finns you cited, are they taking all of their turns on the water, or are they taking the appropriate penalty for their actions? If the answer is yes, I agree with you and all is good, the sailors are playing by the rules. If the answer is no, there is still most certainly an issue. The extent of that can be further debated.
  8. Another vote for the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, and as stated above finished by Brandon Sanderson. First half a dozen books are great, then it starts to drag a bit. The last three (12-14?) are well worth the wait as Jordan left over 1700 pages of notes to the family before he passed, and Sanderson turned that into the final three books to clean everything up. The fact that he got it wrapped up from where it was at the end of 11 is an achievement in and of itself.
  9. I was asked to post this as a contribution to the thread. I have no skin in this game. https://www.facebook.com/Vanguard15/posts/2784804458220017?__tn__=-R
  10. One comment - I said nothing to COLYC regarding the scoring issue. My guess is it was called in by others, or they knew there was an issue when they went to create flags for the winners. My comments on improvements are at a much more strategic level that will take a significantly longer time to implement. At least the documentation took a step forward.
  11. Agree, the only assertion I challenge is regarding the J88s. This was handled correctly. And yes, I do call it slagging. If you are unsatisfied with the service, you have the right as a customer of that service to take your business elsewhere. We would personally prefer that no one make that choice, and instead enjoys our hosted events. I would also ask you to take a look at the documentation produced this year. You should see a marked difference. The regatta chair did not produce any documentation this year. Instead, an effort began in late 2018 (October IIRC) to rewrite all C
  12. As most people know that post here, it takes a certain kind of special to call something or someone out on these forums given my volunteer position at COLYC and with US Sailing. Perhaps it's just a bad day in a bad year, or a bad day following a bad evening. In any case, here we are. I cannot speak to the actions of my Club regarding the Stein regatta or the obvious rating discrepancies in the 3CF scoring. I can unequivocally state that our current state of affairs is better this year than last, and I firmly believe next year will be better than this one. Like any yacht club, we face
  13. CRW is bookended with Columbia Cup on the first weekend of August, and Verve Offshore on the second weekend. In between there will be various one day sailing activities. The "Super Beer Can" you speak of is for the Monroe circles. I am not aware of what Belmont / Montrose are doing. I also do not have information on the events Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
  14. Folks, Not attempting to dredge up some bad memories, but I find this deplorable. Link posted in other thread. In short, no investigation (that we know of) of John's demise. CPD didn't look into anything since there wasn't a crime, USCG didn't look into anything since it wasn't a commercial vessel (I find this odd as they hassled a support boat that was following the rules and the law Sunday for flying a drone to film the M32's), and all the evidence was destroyed. If CYC is investigating, they aren't saying anything - unlike the Wingnuts incident where an investigation was an
  15. Given the events of the previous weekend, and the ongoing BS from "jzk" in the other thread, bumping this for the benefit of others.
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