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  1. Interesting to see it is not the threads that give but the plate that delaminates. This suggests that when a G10 plate is used as a backing plate working in compression against deck, it may in fact be very strong.
  2. I am just discovering this thread, which turns out to be very topical for me. I just replaced the stainless steel backing plate for my midship cleat with a threaded G10 plate. The reason is that underdeck, the fasteners are behind my electrical panel, substantially unreachable without great effort. After cutting out part of the electrical panels / conduit, we managed to reach the nuts: The new backplate is made from 2 layers of 3/8'' G10, designed in Fusion 360 and cut on a small CNC machine (Stepcraft D600): M10 threads are handmade. G10 is
  3. At sea or at the dock? Having spun the paddlewheel after connection and powering up the N2K network? Some adapters such as the Actisense DST require the paddlewheel to have made a number of revolutions before reporting a speed (even 0.00), as opposed to no data if the required number of revs has not been achieved.
  4. Thanks for the input all. The objective is just to do topsides, not the hull, that would be quite mad with a 5’’ machine. After further reading, I have decided I will start with medium-fine (blue) and fine (white) to polish slightly faded gelcoat and see how it goes.
  5. I am buying a Festool Rotex 125 sander to cover both my sanding and polishing needs on my boat (44ft cruiser racer with interior in oak veneered plywood). With regards to polishing, I am planning to use the Rotex to polish gelcoat, not my hull obviously. Can anyone advise which of the Festool polishing pad and compounds to get to polish gelcoat? Which color (yellow / orange / blue / white / black) and which type of sponge? I understand the Festool polishing system is in fact the 3M one, is this correct? Thanks in advance
  6. Here you go. Overall width (bezel) is 35mm, the press button itself is 22.5mm wide.
  7. I use the strainer lid method to flush my engine with fresh water. I have a second strainer lid where I have added a Gardena hose fitting (right of strainer in below picture). Allows me to run my engine with fresh water supplied from my galley faucet with a suitable adapter. Just make sure the fresh water tank is full and there is no kink on the hose.
  8. I use EAO 14 series switch with stainless steel bezel and silicone cover. Red led backlighting at night. It’s rated IP67. https://eao.com/14/ Pictures from my cockpit tomorrow. EAO is a large Swiss industrial buttons company, it’s probably available in most metric countries. I have the smaller 84 series buttons for other cockpit buttons (windlass, swim platform, compass light, etc).
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