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  1. perhaps old news here, but I'm about 500 pages behind Stowe - Facebook
  2. post 25692.... I have absolutely nothing to say here. move along.
  3. why do all these guys look the same? edit: forgot the source BVI captains blog
  4. I wish I had never slowed down to look at this fucking wreck. Anyone know someone, who knows someone's friend of of a friend who might be in the Navy or NSA that could get high res satellite photo of the Scows position? Maybe we would be able to make out the drifting beacon on the wheel of cheese. Make it stop.
  5. Prudent? You bet! Safely on the hook off in some nice cove off of South America or Mexico -- perhaps trading cheese for some local growth.
  6. Conspiracy theory.... Wind ENE 10-12 knots, Course SSE, Speed 3-5 knots -- this is about as fast as I think they've recorded and directional control seems suspect Has anyone checked on currents/wind to see if it's possible that these two set a transponder adrift? The boat speeds for the wind conditions seem in the ballpark for a raft floating free whilst R&S kick back somewhere warm and dry. And why no more photos? The waters near the Jersey coast not look enough like the Southern Ocean --- pictures or it never happened. This would require some rational behavior (self
  7. You clearly have a recommendation on the right vessel and skill set for making long offshore passages -- Please do tell.
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