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  1. I know a former European warranty manager that did a few years with Bene, you just wont believe the stories...
  2. no long tiller and helm from the ama?
  3. I would of thought there was a market to sell plans along with beams and there's the start of your home build?
  4. Best advice I can give a new tri sailor is go sailing on a modern beach cat especially if you come from a mono ( assuming not a skiff) hull background as several reflex actions you need are reversed. Or take a beach cat racer out with you on a windy day.
  5. what would be nice was what sails were up hence wind angle when they went over. Plus if down wind did they do the keel boat move and dump the main...guaranteed swim.
  6. Wasnt it renamed the Cleveland Indians to recognise Indian players forever, well almost?
  7. all depends of what sails were up? We had a tri go over in a race at our club in a huge micro burst, the whole fleet saw it coming, the whole fleet had sheets in hand except one boat... But you had to be there so not passing judgement
  8. like pilots that crash planes, after one in asia that fell out of the sky ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indonesia_AirAsia_Flight_8501) the industry did correct the media by saying there is a difference between experience ( doing it a long time) and skill, lack of which caused the crash.
  9. and protecting aluminium anodized or not
  10. Wuhan II is here in Singapore, gov struggling to get it under control, definitely more virolent considering just about had cleared up wuhan I.
  11. The idea of running your up mast stuff ( plus anything else) via the dc-dc isolated ground is to remove the circuit from any ground source up the mast that can get to ground in the water via your electronics. It works, direct hit on a mast and it goes to ground via however your rigging or mast is earthed and your instruments are left alone. Not 100% perfect but close.
  12. If its an insurance claim I would expect the assessor should ask around to get them repaired, isnt that their job?
  13. Have you contacted Corsair or your local dealer to ask about 28 beams?
  14. Diesel is more energy dense than petrol so add a few more cans
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