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  1. planes are almost idiot proof these days but as we have seen in the last 20 years they keep making better idiots and crash perfectly good planes.
  2. Will people get in a 737 Max? Will they be asking the airline what model plane is flying?
  3. The main driver of Hollands exports to the UK
  4. I have a few buddies with a few warbirds in OZ The smart ones describe the WWII stuff as ..when you are young and sharp and the only thing you train for and think about every day is that plane you have a chance to survive flying it. If you think you can fly it once a month..good luck Yes the 737 is still flying on its original type approval AFAIK? Thats what the cheap airlines want..
  5. Well I saw the ground engineer reboot the computer on the ground, so lets try that when flying, oops https://www.popularmechanics.com/flight/news/a18378/the-air-asia-8501-investigation/
  6. no just re laying the facts in Asia, both brands crash here. oops missed the runway
  7. Both my instructor buddys tell me many asian airlines a young FO comes with the old guy and his job is to read the manual when something comes up on the screen as the young ones can read English.
  8. A buddy of mines son, ( sailing family) got to do some experiments in his uni in the UK on lightning with Hall supplying the masts. Huge van de graff generator and high speed photography They found if the lightning can find a carbon thread it will burn it up and move to the next one and so on still there is no carbon in the mast and it falls down. If it was well sealed it would run down the outside. Whilst he was there, in Southhampton marina a rig got hit and disintegrated the mast. The rigging and spreaders laying across several other boats still all connected. Huge black
  9. Boeing contract the sim work out to 3rd parties so they can influence behind the scene when they need that pilot that cant fly but his cousin is starting a budget airline..Airbus has much higher standards in this regard. My buddy had a Korean ( where else) ex military, had a relative about to buy 737's, he was unable to do a single engine take off, landing or go around. Boeing forced the contractor to keep changing the instructor till somebody passed him. There are plenty more stories where that one came from.
  10. $5 smoke alarm.... Regulators not doing their job killed people on planes and boats
  11. I sanded the hull as it was painted and it was dodgy repairs only in those areas and were wet. Rest of the hull was dry and solid
  12. fly by wire or computer controlled flying surfaces, thats 2 vastly different things, boeing went down one route, airbus the other. How do you describe the famous 737 rudder actuator, no wire cables, no computer, no electronics, like most Boeings... yes the F18 like most fighters require a computer solution to control flight surfaces. The MAX showed a computer deciding whats right is not smart when one sensor is feeding you the data so they changed that and prevented the computer from making decisions https://www.boeing.com/737-max-updates/mcas/ MCAS will never override th
  13. if mcas doesnt work on take off climb what use is it hence why add it to the max? When are you exceeding the old accepted aoa during normal flight?
  14. Exactly, boeing built a plane the carriers wanted not the other way around.
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