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  1. Living the good life there, Prissy. That's a sweet looking acreage. Is that, Mangawhai Harbour away in the distance?
  2. A JAFA originally. Lived 5 years down on the Mainland (South Island). They're an odd bunch down there. Now back in, Northland.
  3. Ha, ha. I know what you're saying, mate. ;-)
  4. Weather seems to be all over the place. I've noticed accelerated coastal erosion around Mangawhai Harbour for the last couple of years. Ancient old Pohutukawa clinging to crumbling cliffs, by a few racked roots. And a few others, given up at the bottom of the cliffs. Great resource for 'grown knees' for some restoration work on the Daring though. Need a bloody keen chainsaw though. ;-)
  5. Looks like it will be bragging rights, at the breakfast table, for Sam over partner, Romain. An excellent result following her, VG disappointment.
  6. How true and very sad. There is only so much fun to be gleaned from stirring shit around here. ;-) I wonder if, Europe (specifically, 55.6761° N, 12.5683° E) will still be there, post covid? Meantime, a mach 0.75 plane might be even more deadly than a slow boat.
  7. Allman Brothers Band, Soulshine - damn sure better than rain. Great sounds. Could do with some rain here right now though. Starting to dry out and summer isn't even officially here yet.
  8. I've not seen any confirmation either, Stinger.
  9. Agree Verdier's not such a loss, for ETNZ this time around. I believe he wasn't that comfortable in the team environment in any case. Dan's team and his tech tools will fill that void pretty well.
  10. Some background. But you've probably seen this already? 'Emirates Team New Zealand's chief designer Dan Bernasconi says he was initially skeptical that it would be possible to develop an AI Bot that would work in the America's Cup context. While it was easy enough to get a the AC75 agent to sail in a straight line, tacking and gybing was a lot more complex. "The crucial moment came when it started beating the sailors," says Bernasconi. "It could do upwind and downwind times and tacks that were better than the sailors. That was the moment when we thought, OK this is going to be useful
  11. If it's not moving forward, it's going backwards, right? ;-)
  12. Pretty amazing finish coming up, from the Class40's. Not much in it.
  13. More conservative than risk averse I think, HR. Their Cup boat wasn't highly evolved like, Te Rehutai. Maybe they lacked the advanced tools like ETNZ's simulator and AI bot, to really push the design progression? Any way, this time around, I expect they won't be too far behind the design cutting edge. We'll see.
  14. Sad to hear that. But, I think LRPP has a very good chance this time around. They've been bridesmaid now a couple of times and they won't have CoR stuff/duties this time around to distract them. Not that they were THAT distracted by their fellow Challengers' needs during AC36. But that's another story. Still, they've got to be favourites I think. Assuming they challenge of course. Good luck.
  15. OK, Doggie. I get it. Thanks for the clarification. And the English comprehension lesson. ;-)
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