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  1. Suggest dropping the extension and grabbing a bloody firm grip on the tiller too - preferably with both hands. (Not that I've ever downhilled solo at that speed, or in those conditions!) :-) As JL92S said above, 10/10 for effort.
  2. I could buy into that. It would still allow some the best sailors to market themselves outside their home home country. I guarantee there would be a lot more Kiwis sailing in the AC with an arrangement requiring, say, at least 50% of the crew (or whatever number) to be passport holders of the competitor's country (not just "residents"). The question is whether ETNZ would be able (or more realistically, willing) to compete price-wise to retain the best of them, which is what nationality requirements are really all about here: maintaining a captive labor pool and controllin
  3. I think the AC is way out of the 100'er league in terms of spend. But maybe a syndicate could club the necessaries together? But as you say 4's, they haven't the stomach for it these days. Too bad.
  4. Interesting thoughts, Kiwing. Do we know whether a conventional cloth main has ever trialled against the twin skin mains, in an AC75, or maybe even ETNZ'z Tri, trial horse? Probably not, since there would be no weight saving to be exploited (in view of the Class minimum weight). Also, a different mast section required. I guess they'd have a fair idea of comparative efficacy, from simulator data though?
  5. How to go around corners must be under Chapter 2. Jeeebus, they look fucking awkward. And to think, a very close cousin to these boats used to be an AC Class. Who'd have thunk it?
  6. Apart from the NYYC, no other Club in the history of the Cup, has successfully defended, back to back. It'll be tough. But I have no doubt GD will find the money somehow. Maybe not all the money he'd want for a third defence, but enough to put up a good fight, hopefully. Over and out.
  7. C'mon, Gissie. "Who knows?". That's a pretty lofty pedestal you're tiptoeing on. What are your suggestions, Jays? Obviously, you think GD needs help. Let's hear what you would do to overcome this Team funding crisis.
  8. So, put the hysterics aside for a second and tell me what you would do in GD's place?
  9. Principles are all well and good while your alive. If your dead, who gives a fuck. Certainly not the corpse.
  10. Expected, since the airline industry is on its knees, for the foreseeable future.
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