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  1. OCS

    Experiences with Quantum membrane skins?

    Not much difference in performance in the TP52s, the traditional film membranes more than hold their own.
  2. OCS

    Radial or Crosscut?

    Recutting a Dacron sail does help but just retards the problem for a while, not a long term solution.
  3. OCS

    Full batten main with swept spreaders?

    Makes sense, best of both worlds, full battens up high with most of the benefits of an FB main and shorter battens low to avoid chafe which occurs on monohulls ( usually ok on multis with apparent wind further forward in decent breeze). sailmaker of 40+ years
  4. OCS

    opinions on mainsail trim

    Limited view but some things stand out even in little bit we can see! Full batten it! Too much roach on batten in view/ bottom batten is too short and maybe others.. something funny going on at tack, wrong cut back? Get sailmaker to look. foot is too long for boom, it is maxing out! Easy fix may be to put some extender plates at gooseneck if possible rather than new boom or sail recut. release the luff , looks like it has shrunk, unpick the hand stitching at tack and let it go up into sail. and please get your sailmaker to put a small reinforcement on leech between the bottom of the reef and the top of the clew patch. That many layers of cloth going to one creating a hinge point is screaming “tear here”.
  5. OCS

    Precision Sails

    Daysailing and coastal cruise- longevity, handling, reliability, reasonable performance and cost are probably the requirements. cross cut Dacron of a mid to top end quality from Dimension, Contender, Challenge or Bainbridge would suffice, just avoid the real budget cloths that are hidden under misleading monikers like High Performance, Premium Plus or Supercruise.
  6. OCS

    Precision Sails

    Or you can get a Hydranet panelled sail or Spectra Membrane with far superior fibres for cruising for less than a 3DI polyester sail.
  7. OCS

    Precision Sails

    My apologies for not being clearer, in a traditional woven fabric the cloth is engineered so the fill ( across the roll ) threads are stronger either in number or denier, as well as the being laid flat ( the warp threads along the roll are crimped around the fill threads). This is reversed in warp orientated cloth for radial construction and evened out both ways in balanced cloth. Balanced cloth is the norm now for low aspect sails rather than mitre cut. But a traditional fill orientated cloth suits a mitre cut sail as the load is aligned. The issue with mitre cut is that pesky joining seam which is on the bias angle! http://www.sailingbreezes.com/Sailing_Breezes_Current/Articles/July04/PanelPt1.htm
  8. OCS

    Precision Sails

    Cross cut cloths are the right cloth for a mitre cut sail. It’s like building 2 joined cross cut sails.one addressing leech load the other foot loads. you are right, it is not as critical with today’s more stable Dacron. When I first started sailmaking 40+ years ago, it was all mitre cut Genoa’s. Hell we still do the odd one if it suits the sail configuration better. http://bullsails.blogspot.com/2016/04/back-to-70s-mitre-cut-sails.html ps Mack Sails seem a pretty good operation.
  9. OCS

    Pricing for used sails?

    Agree, completely! If some wanker tried that. Hand the money back and “ don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out!”
  10. OCS

    Sailcloth Choices

    Sailmaker of 40 years The Ullman option in DP looks the best value! Nice cloth! The performance cruise (ugh) and super cruise are budget cloths, the Marblehead and DP LA are good top end and the high modulus in the middle ( as the price suggests)
  11. Best to look at independent testing if available as well. Sometimes the numbers are a bit misleading when done in-house. Use a sailmaker with first hand knowledge of making sails in that cloth.
  12. OCS

    North Helix Sails vs regular Code zero

    Interesting from FB Fake news? Recently, a customer brought our attention to the North Helix Code Zero sail, which was claimed to reduce the loading on the bowsprit and the rig up to 50%, compared to a normal Code with an anti-torsion cable in the luff. The Doyle "Cableless" would function similarly. As this would appear to defy logic, how would distributing the load from the torsion cable into the sail reduce the loads in the corners? After all, the Code Zero is still supported flying from its corners, by the tack line, halyard and sheet only with cable in the luff or without. As the customer insisted, quoting that "the powerful North Design Suite tools" had proven the same, we felt we need to simulate the case ourselves. In our simulation, we found that if any difference, the Code with the cable exerts a little lighter loads (about 10%) on both the bowsprit and the halyard. So no magic load reductions - if the total resultant force on the code 0 is similar, the corner loads will be similar, no matter if the load is carried by the torsion cable or the sail body structure itself. https://www.northsails.com/sailing/en/2019/01/helix-sails-with-load-sharing-technology?fbclid=IwAR2OYZrnLH8KLXZAnbXMuCgyE8xU0Qjh8ph9aJDIwV6xHUvwaiQljGjfgBo
  13. OCS

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Sarcasm? I gather you never want to sail against boats similar to yours. I expected better. I concur with you, but unfortunately the other boat wants to race in a different division to you! Not the regattas fault! Let me try to explain this simply for you. The Passage race has in the past always included ALL yachts competing at Geelong. For this year they removed IRC fleet from the Passage race. As a result of the National Championship being held and a request to hold all the racing at one venue which has been accomodated. Outcome, I can't line my boat up against the most similar style yacht racing at Geelong. My problem? Yes. I could always re-rate my boat for IRC - but for one race? I don't enjoy trying to compete in a 36 footer with an IRC rating of 1.2+. [/quote) If you want to race against other boats that are in different divisions, then you need to enter that division? If you choose not to then that is your decision and not some failing of the SI's. I agree you would love to race against Ginger but to expect the regatta structure to be be descibed as a pile of excretement for not allowing two boats in different classes to compete against each other on the same course is a bit bizarre!
  14. OCS

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I agree, how dare they!! I think the IRC fleet should immediately rescind their request to have their Australian Championships run from one venue merely for the sake of the logistics of moving support containers, crew accomodation etc. between two locations. So that Don can see how his performance handicap boat can sail against the IRC rated M38!! It beggars belief!!!