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  1. Question what are you replacing your Backstay adjuster with a rebuilt Sailtec, a new Sailtec, a Harken, a Seldon or something else? Thanks in Advance for your answers. Paul
  2. Ryley, As a FYI I have a 22 year old son who is moving to Boston this summer he maybe looking to hook up to Boston racing season.
  3. Ryley, I was real tempt to switch to the Widow, but the technical guy at Pettit claims it is not as hard as Offshore. I also still have a bad taste from the days of having to remove vivid from the 36.7 because of it flaking off. Never had a problem with offshore just can't get it in white. We have very little fouling problems in Lake Erie as the boats are only in the water for 18-20 weeks and the first cleaning is usually 8-10 weeks into the season.
  4. Boat is usually launched Mid May with first cleaning needed mid July and usually not much. By mid August you need to go every two to three weeks for a swim. Not a ton of difference between the two but I believe offshore gives you a smoother finish. The VC 17 less work. I believe Teddy is also using offshore. If the present paint is balto plate and is in good shape I would give it a fresh coat of either balto plate or offshore and call it a day. If it is in really good shape no bare spots just give it a wet sand with 400 or 600 and be done with it. You may have less cleaning in LO as it is
  5. Doug, VC17 is much less work then the offshore. However the offshore can definitely be polished out nicer then the 17. When I had the 36.7 I did offshore, a coat of blue and then 5 coats of red all rolled on. Wet sanded out to 400 the first year and then a quick wet sand with 600 the next six years never repainting, it wasn't till year 6 or 7 that specs of blue where showing thru. On the 105 it came with vc 17 and this weekend I removed all of the 10 year build up off the keel and rudder and will be changing them to the offshore. I was tempted to go with Black Widow but found out th
  6. Talked to the guys at World panel and the product is their MarineLam and they believe this was what the original was as they supply it to J boats for various boats. They normally apply it to marine plywood but I will spend a little more to get the higher rot restistance of the coosa board. Thanks for the help
  7. The bilge on the 105 is very shallow. The original ones were a formica like material laminated to marine plywood. These rotted out. Hence the reason I want to go with the coosa board. From my searches someone use to make the formica type teak and holly many years ago but I have not found anyone yet that still makes it. These were very durable on the surface. I did do the wood ones as a replacement on my J/27 where I expoxied them and then sprayed two coats of clear imron on them. Those were bullet proof. This time since they had the fake and the rot resistance of the coosa is what is driving m
  8. From this thread I am going to replace my floorboards with the Coosa board. What is the thoughts on what faux teak and holly should I laminate to it? The original ones were like a formica laminated to marine plywood. The boat is a 2009 J/105. No one seams to be able to identify the material,.so my choice would be the Lonseal product.Any thoughts? Thanks
  9. Can we get updates to how the Black Widow did now that boats are starting to get hauled?
  10. I had the same problem last year and ended up that a halyard had worn thru the cable in the mast.
  11. Our own record of 15.5 on the 105 didn't last very long, hit 15.9 last night.
  12. From a daysailing prospective the 105 is so much easier than the 33 roller furling 100% jib. Wife and kids will love that. If sails are brought at fall discount they are more like $4000 each on average. You can be competitive buying just 3 or 4 . The AP jib is good for just about any range, mainsail, and kite. Your second kite is just going to be one of your old ones,. If you have the money you will buy the light jib but sailing PHRF it is still hard to win under 8. Racing one design you would need it to keep up with the others. A 105 can be competitively sailed with 5 people not so easy with
  13. I own a 105 and race against both J/33 and J/35. We race in the od configuration at 90 the J/33 is 84 and the J/35 is 72. To win in under 8 it is very hard. You need to sail a perfect race and the others to have problems. In 8-12 any of the boats could win. If it over 12 the 105 is pretty hard to beat on handicap and many times we beat them boat for boat.
  14. We are starting to get a fleet in Buffalo NY. 2018 1 boat 2019 2 boats 2020 5 boats
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