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  1. The guy with the bemused look is the owner I forget his name. The guy driving is John Marshall.
  2. Seawind ketch for sale on ebay now. Not IOR but the boat in front is. Derelict Dobroth boat. Wonder which one?
  3. Sure that wasn’t 1884 when we broke the boom and the hydraulic fluid tank leaked into the stew?
  4. Watch a goofy movie summer rental with john candy. Old IOR boats used in the race scenes. One dobroth and others!!!
  5. Very cool boat. Bob Evelyn is a very bright guy. His story is fascinating! Very interesting and sorted history of this boat. Owner went to prison.
  6. Engine placement was part of the rating game. The exhaust came out near the chain plates. A rubber hose had to go over it downward so the fumes weren’t as bad blowing back over the boat. Worked ok not great.
  7. Evolution is for sale on eBay now.
  8. No landfill for Temptation
  9. What happened to Coog/Midnight Tiger? Great boat. Thanks
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