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  1. I don't recognise it, perhaps someone from up in those parts might. Looks like a significant bulkhead upgrade (G10?). Why anyone would include a shot of that nasty 1.5 oz is a mystery. Catalina smile of the forward section of the keel is about par for the course, e.g., nuthin' unusual for a 32-2. Damage to starboard bow looks minor and compared to most Evelyn repairs, it's not a big job. Not sure how compromised the hull/deck joint is. If you know these boats, the light layup is both a curse and a blessing. Curse in that injuries usually don't just buff out, but blessing in tha
  2. well played, Mr. Sparrow, well played. As an aside, I was in Paris last summer, 75 years to the day that the Battle of Paris commenced and ran, briefly....there were Hugo Boss posters on a LOT of the street kiosks. As they say, you cannot make this yit up. Ya just can't.
  3. If YOU didn't like it, then that's a ringing endorsement for doing it! (oh and see ya tomorrow)
  4. Wow. Thanks for the heads-up, desprit. Gonna operate on this bad boy with nitrile gloves, a scalpel and hemo clamp in a fume hood. Just want the seeds, but I'm tempted to put a slice on a burger or pizza slice.
  5. To ensure the fit, I cut a pattern out of delrin and made damn sure the thing slid up and down smoothly. After all that, though, I'm building a new bulbless keel with internal ballast. Easy enough to configure on a 5.5 meter sporty, probably not recommended for a 30 :-)
  6. I feel your personal pain. Although mine, weighing a fraction of yours, was a lot less hassle. Still a PITA though. And yeah, the fit going back in is a concern....don't ask me how I know :-)
  7. Hah! Thanks, Steam. Lookin' forward to it but I have a tendency to get sucked back into work...I stink at retiring it seems :-)
  8. Hell, I'm going to be an ORG in 2 weeks, (Old Retired Geezer) so should be an email if you need work in the boatyard. I have CF and epoxy and will travel, :-)
  9. I plan to sail one day, Wess. I have another 10 days of work though. Then I'm as freeee as a birdddd, now...and this bird ewe cannot chain OH NO YOU CANT CHAAAAAAAINNNNN so there. (plus I resurrected this login, nyuck nyuck)
  10. me want ride. gimme a holler if you need another bod!
  11. Saw that on his FB page, Timber! Builds look impressive. I'll tell you, Geoff is one tough hombre. If you know anything about the guy at all, you have to respect.
  12. Couchalito, how you gettin' around these days, mang? You more mobile? Are you newly kneed? Hope the "prospect" is an east coaster and reacted well to your "buffing."
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