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  1. They probably also had a medical exemption to have to wear condoms
  2. Well it seems you would not be all that surprised to learn, that the hardest part about a snap 3 or 7 day lockdown, is the first 6 weeks. Hope you have lotsa dunny paper or a bum gun
  3. So what you are inferring is that Sicktorians are inherently more disobedient than those from NSW which is why our lockdowns are ineffective and theirs weren't. Nothing to do with Dan. Got it.
  4. I reckon if we concentrate hard enough, we can hit 3000 - GO TEAM VIC !
  5. 2297 new cases in Sicktoria - yet another Aussie record. It seems Dan's curfew and rules are working beautifully. Nobody's getting Covid after 9pm
  6. La La land , as suggested earlier by another poster, is where you live. Try to get out more (hard in the lockdown capital of the world I know)
  7. Tell me again how they have been performing to their charter, to provide a balanced view ? Hard to believe they weren't shut down years ago - must be Sicktorian based
  8. Only anti vaxxers get their 'news' from FB - I have disowned (or avoided anyway) 2 friends who are of the 5G/Bill Gates/microchip brigade - if you're only getting your news from a closed-shop lefty organisation such as the ABC, you're doomed to be a lefty forever - and that's no way to be
  9. I just scrolled up to 3 hours ago - what are you talking about Mel?
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