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  1. 21 holes in the transom, WTF?
  2. I can’t wait until the ripping out stops and the putting back starts.
  3. Taking the cast iron keel off. VID-20201117-WA0003.mp4
  4. It's a Decision 7.5 build here in Spain. Great hull shape, the rest is crap.
  5. I just bought this fo the same reason. Replacing the keel, rudder, sails, all lines and deck hardware and re-engineering the interior with carbon. And yea, those are my plans on the front page with the bag of weed.
  6. It helps to have your bowguy gear handy...
  7. Looking to find a ride/check out the sailing scene in and around Barcelona. Any Anarchists in the area? Any suggestions?
  8. Fuckwits, I said, "Peel to the J1 not peel the J1!"
  9. This is the boat I took that photo on.
  10. 52 and 40 is 92. Not bad.
  11. Here's how it works. Take the biggest boat you've done bow on and your age at the time. I did bow on an 80-footer at 50. That gives me a foredeck factor of 130. Can anyone beat that?
  12. I wonder if this guy's doing a "Crowhurst". He could be sitting on a beach somewhere with a bong, a frying pan and a donkey sending in fake reports. Just a thought.
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