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  1. Um... okay. All good here. Hope you're well too. (No clue who you are though )
  2. Awww. Thanks Snaggie! It's been a while. Maybe I'll stick around a bit this time
  3. It's been a while since I've been here. Just strolling through to say hi. Unfortunately noticed the we lost a few of the old guard I'll lift lift up a glass for them tomorrow. Cheers!
  4. happy birthday!!

  5. (706): Hes a 32 yr old divorced sailor that calls me almost every night drunk begging me to call him big daddy. I think i might need to change my number. Does this sound like anyone around here?
  6. (617): My wife all of the sudden got markedly better at giving blow jobs. Should I be happy or concerned? It all depends on how long they've been married.
  7. (917): yea..i want to get out of new york for a bit too but for the love of god not to new jersey. that's like getting tired of the stripclub and getting yourself a toothless prostitute.
  8. 79 pages, are these two special or something?
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