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  1. What about something French?: an Amel, a Nauticat, or even something from the Beneteau Evasion range. You also have the Albatross 37 ( http://www.albatrossyachts.eu/albatross37ingles.html
  2. I've laughed a lot with your replies, thanks!
  3. The boat on the trolley, ready to go
  4. New outboard (“Big brother”) and old outboard (“Little brother”)
  5. Thre reinforced stern for the larger outboard
  6. The Fish Hunter (“Green Submarine II”) with the Sevylor small outboard.
  7. The Sevylor Fish Hunter with the sail kit and me. This one is called “Green Submarine”
  8. This is the MK2 sail kit. You can see several changes compared to mine.
  9. The quality of the image is not great (phone cameras were not very sophisticated by then), but it’s the only picture I have of the yellow Caravelle. Obviously, I christened it “Yellow Submarine”.
  10. I hope you have fun... We tend to consider Sevylor inflatable boats as cheap “slackrafts”, but they can do much more than we usually think. In fact, in the early 80s, Sevylor advertised its rafts as “poor man’s sailboats” and “poor man’s powerboats”… this might seem laughable nowadays, but I have used both for a long time, and I believe that Sevylor had some point in it. Let’s tell the story long: when I was about 7, one of my uncles was in the board of a nautical club. They organised summer sailing courses for children and he convinced me to enrol in one. I became hooked. F
  11. I bought a Kokopelli Rogue Light in January 2020 and used it a lot in the Mediterranean in the Spring and Summer. It's ultra-lisght and a suprisingly good seaboat.
  12. In one of the attacks, the orcas stopped when the crew turned the engine off and let sails loose. It seems that a boat that is not moving does not interest them. Today, they disabled a boat close to the coast OUTSIDE the no-sail zone. The weather was rough, so the rescue was a difficult one. Sooner or later, someone is going to take his shotgun to his sailboat...
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