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  1. Today is the the standard Entry fee deadline. Do we see many boats drop off the entry list. End of may is dead line for late entry.
  2. Rain Man modern US subs have an Emergency Main Ballast Tank Blow (EMBT) system commonly referred to as chicken switches. The are manually actuated pneumatic valves that open the valves to blow the main ballast tanks dry one for the forward group and one for the aft group. No electricity required. There is one tank that is always kept full for an emergency situation. This system saved the USS San Francisco when they hit the sea mount. This system was put on US Submarines starting in the 60's after the loss of the USS Thresher. In the move the Hunt for Red October the boat that leaps out o
  3. Not sure of the reserve buoyancy of this class of sub. I believe it has inter lock to keep from breach and muzzle doors of torpedo tubes at the same time. I know US boats have this interlock
  4. TRANSPAC is on state approved the Covid protocol submitted by TPYC.
  5. Waikiki Yacht Club has a active military membership with discounted initiation fee. It is for a Regular Membership and has all rights except holding office. Upon separation or retirement they can convert to other types of membership. .
  6. Since speed seal has closed has any one found a place to get replacement parts (O rings wing nuts)?
  7. Raz'r The state of Hawaii has a quarantine order in effect. There are ways around it one is by getting a vegetative covid test prior to traveling to Hawaii. I will assume your coworker followed the procedure on the safe travels Hawaii web site. Oahu is the least restrictive you do not have to get tested after arrival if you tested negative prior to arrival. You also do not need to be tested traveling from one of the other islands to Oahu.
  8. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, her are a few to start with. I am sure the consultant will address them. 1. Under the current Hawaii safe travel policy no boat will be able to abide by the less than 72 hour prior to departure covid testing requirements to bypass the 10 day quarantine 2. Currently with out a negative there is a mandatory 10 day quarantine, it is unknown if the time at sea will count. Can they quarantine on the boat? Quarantine is at your own expense. 3. Social gatherings are limited to 10 or less. 4. Is an large in person awards ceremony even
  9. Is it the Cool Blue system? Is LED on the circuit board flashing when power is applied? I am not on my boat do do not have the codes for the LED flashing. Have you jumpered out the thermostat? Have you sent an email to Tecnautics. Rich normally replies quickly. You may want to switch the circuit board between the units.
  10. Looking to purchase Atomic tape. I bought some a few years back at one of the boat shows and was happy with its performance. I google it and get nothing. I have a business card and the phone numbers do not work nor does the email address. Atomic Concept Group inc 136 Linden St Rockville Center NY. Does anyone know if they are still around?
  11. Aloha I have to 15 plus year old Simrad Chart plotter displays. The are both "delaminating". You can see the bubbles in the the the one at the helm is no longer usable in the bright sunlight. Is there any please that can restore the displays. Simrad no longer supports these unit CS54 and DX34.
  12. So what do I do in 2 to 3 years when I need to haul out and touch up the leading edges and waterline if I can't purchase and apply it.
  13. Understand Washington State is reconsidering it ban on bottom paint containing copper. Expect decision by the end of the year. I am looking at doing a complete bottom job this fall and have plans to sail to the PNW in 2021 and would like to know what bottom paint most likely will be acceptable. What about the coppercoat system. Some things I have read say Washington will do Like San Diego and have a limit of how much metals can leech out of the paint. Don't want to do a bottom job prior to going to the PNW only to have to remove it in a couple of years.
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