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  1. Beginning of the end of what? BoJo? He is probably on the way out. Probable but not certain. There is no sign that Omicron is likely to overwhelm the health system in the UK. Hospitalisations have neither gone up nor down very much in the last few weeks and are well below the levels of a year ago. Cases are much lower than a couple of weeks ago but might now be ticking back up again. Too soon to know if that's a blip or a trend. End of Covid? Fuck knows. Nobody knows what the next variant may bring. Return to "normality"? No way. Maybe 20% of the population who have the choice
  2. This thread is getting a bit "where in the USA". Just saying.
  3. If they were shorter - much shorter - and less frequent, I'd be more likely to watch them. Tom and Julia, please work less hard.
  4. But he shopped it around anyway. Ineos appears content to see it shopped around. Bertarelli in his time shopped it around. Your thesis that these $Bs are wealthy enough not to care about extracting $$$s from venues doesn't stack up.
  5. The notion of nationality rules had a lot of support on SAAC before people processed the full implications. The irony of GD purporting to emphasise the nationality angle while simultaneously extracting the event from the nation should not be lost on us. I see nationality rules as primarily an anti-Alinghi measure and, yes, a dickhead move.
  6. Does it? If another venue is selected, there seems little chance any sailing would be going on there in September.
  7. Nobody is trying to "work out how to make an actual border on the island" because nobody wants one. Bomb the AC village? Kind of doubt it. For starters, injuring Americans would be dumb move given the historical source of much of the Provisional IRAs funds and arms. Apart from which, the CIRA is a tiny rump organisation and has barely managed to do anything in recent years, apart from pursuing internal vendettas. This is not the PIRA that waged the "long war" of the 1970s to 1990s, that ended with the Good Friday Agreement.
  8. I think he was being ironic. Cork was an IRA stronghold at and around the time of independence and it isn't so very long ago that British services yachts considered it prudent to give Ford Cork Week a miss.
  9. I was thinking more of the business of getting on and off the shore, on the kind of pebbly wave-bashed beaches that are common for UK coastal clubs.
  10. Correct, he was a full-time sailor at that age. There's a university (college) sailing circuit in the UK that involves team racing beaten-up club tubs. That has little intersection with the pyramidical RYA squad system that leads (for a few) to Olympic funding.
  11. Plenty of kids have a lot of fun sailing and racing Fevas. You can’t expect them to be careful with better but more fragile boats at that point in their sailing career.
  12. More or less, in the UK. Depends on the dinghy and the car. But club raceboats aren't the norm. We have some club boats but they aren't generally raced.
  13. Would not accommodate a 2nd person and not easy to sail. I recall watching a championship-level fleet where many were having trouble just getting off the beach and conditions weren't extreme.
  14. If you say so. However I have test-sailed one and can barely imagine a second adult on board. I know the OP asked for USA-only but FWIW, there were a number at my club but they've faded away. Too much boat for most people, definitely too much for me.
  15. There’s a history of Spanish companies sponsoring VOR teams. It isn’t ridiculous to suppose sponsorship for Team Malaga might be forthcoming. Spain’s economy is 3 times the size of Ireland’s (much lower per head).
  16. Isle of Man is outside both. It's a Crown Dependency, similar to the Channel Islands.
  17. I really ought to bugger off until there's a venue. I keep thinking about it. Wouldn't be the first time I stepped away from SAAC for a while.
  18. It's not pointless from my point of view. It would avoid pissing me off. I have most who quote him on ignore, you (obviously) are not, because you have some worthwhile things to say.
  19. Most do. Unfortunately a few who I don't want to put on ignore insist on debating with him. I can only assume they are really, really bored.
  20. Sail-World understands that one America's Cup team has been trying to get access into Auckland to start sailing in September, this year. However all entry applications have been declined - an action which confirms that Auckland cannot stage the 2024 event........interestingly, the (Malaga) Mayor Francisco de la Torre "has asserted that some of the Cup teams could begin to settle in the city between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. So not being able to get permission at this moment to be in Auckland in September rules it out as a venue whereas the possibility of being in Malaga
  21. It wasn't that long ago that our ancestors were strolling around between what is now the Netherlands/Denmark and East Anglia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doggerland I guess they had freedom of movement.
  22. Is a common combination at my club. Good for you if you are seeing many mid-20s couples sailing. Rarer than rocking-horse shit these days IME.
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