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  1. seems ole colin could threaten to resign over some things but not others.... https://twitter.com/ZeeshanAleem/status/1450140793004511236/photo/1
  2. and let us not forget his participation in attempting to cover up My Lai
  3. and Benedict Arnold's entire life's work shouldn't be erased, either, right? just that one little slip up. all Colin has to apologize for is a lie or ten and a few hundred thousand dead iraqis and a few thousand dead U.S. troops with a few tens of thousands WIA, right? a hero indeed.
  4. i don't think he was as much deceived as he was pressured into making those speeches by Shrub and Darth Cheney even though he knew there was no conclusive evidence. As i recall, he admitted as much some years later. he was no hero.
  5. his statements on the Iraq "WMD" were lies and i'll always remember him for that.
  6. i live on an island on the atlantic coast and i agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment.
  7. i found him amusing but never saw the craziness that apparently went on in some threads.
  8. Many moons ago in the middle 80's, I was working for a startup IT consulting group. Right after I started there, I had to fly to Atlanta for one meeting or another. In August. Company would only pay for the cheapest car available which at that time was a Chevette. That POS would not do 55mph on level ground with the A/C on. In Atlanta rush hour traffic. On I-285. In August. I would turn off the A/C when going uphill or on level ground and turn it on when going downhill. It seemed that the road was always either level or uphill. Got to the meeting on time but was dren
  9. hah. my '64 convertible did the same thing but that was cured by new floor panels. would still be driving it if a '69 camaro hadn't run through it with me in it. broke a wooden top spar with my head.
  10. have been seeing a baltimore oriole daily for the past couple of weeks. not an often seen visitor in this neck of the woods.
  11. i get a bad feeling from all those cape verde storms.
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