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  1. Beer will chill down to about 25 degrees without freezing. takes about 18 hours to get it that cold in our chest freezer. line the bottom of a 48qt cooler with the beers just before you leave, put the rest of your stuff on top of the beer, fill with ice and two days later in hot weather you still have to chip some ice off the beer cans which are deliciously cold. a coleman stove, a thermarest sleeping pad (air mattresses leak at the most unfortunate times), a decent tent and have at it. it's not difficult.
  2. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled against Florida in a water law dispute with Georgia on Thursday. The unanimous opinion was authored by Justice Amy Coney Barrett. The case presents a somewhat uncommon instance of the high court’s original jurisdiction—the ability to hear and decide certain disputes that never go before a lower court. This authority is delineated in the U.S. Constitution and via statute. Germane to the case stylized as Florida v. Georgia, the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction over the equitable apportionment of interstate waters. Originally filed in
  3. does anyone find it a bit odd that the Queen of England is single and now Bill Gates is getting divorced?
  4. way back when, i dropped a box when i was headed out to the computer lab to turn my stuff in to get run in the wee hours. took all night to straighten that shit out.
  5. reminds me of the old joke: did you know that elephants have sex organs in their feet? yeah, if they step on you, you're fucked.
  6. tybee


    you should follow your own advice.
  7. I can't remember the technical terms and it's been a while since i played with email systems but if your registered email domain IP address doesn't match the IP that the mail is being sent from, many systems will reject those emails as spam.
  8. no offense intended towards catlicks, nuns or toilets
  9. you should have been here last week.
  10. roughly the same here but it's been in the 70's for the past couple of weeks. was getting used to it and then...
  11. so you're to blame for bringing this wretched weather down here with you
  12. If you've never typed on an TTY or ADM3A, through a 110/300 baud acoustically coupled modem with a handset strapped to it ... ah, yes, the good old days. had the "pleasure" in the late 70's but it was still really cool shit then. not so much now. got rid of the old modem a decade or so ago - it was built into a briefcase sorta thing. 007 shit.
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