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  1. Alaris


    Not really the same use case. The marketing materials call it a cruising boat.
  2. No write up, just a post here and there about her.
  3. You nailed it. Hull 99, 1994 build.
  4. The difference in budget between a J/125 and our program is several orders of magnitude. Can’t really speak to a square top on the stock rig, as ours is a custom rig. Sounds like an interesting idea. I’d be interested to see what comes of it!
  5. I will never understand why they felt it necessary to fair and sand the bilge.
  6. I can trim main with one arm unless it’s really blowing. But I also jam my foot under the wheel to hold it steady while I lean forward. I’m 6’6” so I can stretch pretty far across the cockpit.
  7. I agree that the 99 looks sharp with a wheel since it is recessed.
  8. We double hand our 105 with a wheel, and it works great. I prefer it to a tiller short handed or not.
  9. Unless she is rigged differently from Fiti/As Larks/Warrior, I believe she only has checks, not runners.
  10. That’s her sistership, now known as Warrior (née Fitikoko).
  11. Promises/Voodoo has a much nicer interior from what I recall.
  12. Promises was a SMCM boat as well. I spent a lot of time on Fitikoko. Great boat to sail. I second the donation suggestion. St. Mary’s would love to have the boat back.
  13. Page 1 of 291... I was looking for a little bit more of a 30,000 foot view
  14. Where is everyone’s preferred summary of the 2021 changes? There are a lot of very dry YouTube videos and complete lists posted. I’d love to find a cliff’s notes version (video or text) to read and then drill down into the actual rules if I need more.
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