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  1. I think you have the basic idea on the drilling. No need to scrape anything. Don't breach the inner skin. Countersinking, you are counter sinking the gel coat for the most part, the glass skin is only like .01" thick. You are giving the filler some grip to the top layer, if just a straight hole, that will tend to develop cracks between the skin and filler. Note: The foam is sliced so it will bend when placing in the mold, plus if the skin has pulled away from the core you may get some migration from hole to hole, a good indication you have enough. The mix; not runny
  2. Counter sink, not with 60deg more like a drill bit 110 deg?
  3. yup, cabosil and micro balloons, "special mix" . 1" to 1.25" catch the edges, 1/8" - 3/16" dia. holes, shot for even spacing but not critical. counter sink the entry point.
  4. Foam Core Waterat? Mine went soft in that area too. Recommendation to me was was drill and inject Epoxy mix, worked well, of coarse taking it back to inner skin works but is alot more work. If I was opening it up I would glue core first to inner skin, once cured, scarf an over lap to good outer material, then add the new skin.
  5. Hi, I had to deal with this more than once, just go above or below the existing holes an inch or two. The fitting has come down over the years. I am at 41" above the deck band, remains of other mast pieces I have are 36-42". These were all built by/for top teams here on the west coast.
  6. That is an amazing amount of work! This is from someone who repaired 8266 after it spent the night on Alcatraz, my project might be a cake walk in comparison with your project? I need an after shot. And a photo of the finished boat.
  7. Shoreline, is meh, was better when they rented Laser now it is just Capri 14.2 slugs, other options, Berkeley I think they still do that not sure of the program (breeze on venue), and the new player is Alameda community sailing center, looks to be a good deal, limited sail area, and of course TISC.
  8. Bay area FD, $350 on Craigslist What is about FDs and Thistles? Have too many boats already! https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/boa/d/flying-dutchman-20-foor/6582330564.html
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