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  1. What was the story of rescuing a small dog which was fallen of a yacht during an ARC in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. Poor thing was swimming for hours before being spotted by an other yacht happened to be in the area.
  2. Not only that. The skilled labor who created these wonderful crafts had a happy fulfilled lives earning a decent life. They did not need to purchase and live in a house costing 1M dollars. They did not have to drive a Tesla car etc. etc.etc. ... The greediness and consumerism of the modern world needs an eagle to feed. My best wishes for courageous Leo..
  3. Once there were wooden ships and iron seaman. Then came the iron ships manned by wooden men.
  4. I'd rather be there enjoying it than punching letters into this lifeless keyboard. A bad day spent on a boat is 100 times better than a day spent in an office.
  5. Never mind the dinghy... I am wondering how many thousands (millions) of dollars will have been spent by the time she is ready to sail. A- Excluding Leo's work and time and expertise. B- If all of this work was done by a professional boat builder. C - What would be the sale price once she is finished? D- How many years it shall take to charter/ pleasure use to break even including the maintenance and depreciation. My good guess for item D is another 100+ years. For which the boat is re-built for. :-)
  6. How does it behave when in the vicinity of another diesel engine? Say at the back of a diesel van or something. This might give you an idea whether it is the sound of the engine or something else? Sometimes the cause of the distress goes way back when they were puppies or even when they are in their mothers womb. My dog hated being near trucks. We discovered later that she was transported by a truck to where we bought her when she was a couple of weeks old. Probably it was a traumatic trip that she never forgot. On the contrary we had friends who had a baby with sleep disorder. When she
  7. There must be a technically correct answer to that. What if you are the captain of a large ship (or worse a navy vessel) reversing into a tight channel or what. What orders would you give to the helmsman? ''I want to park my ass there first and then get the hell out of here... do what ever is necessary'' might not be good enough.
  8. You are reversing out of a marina berth. Once your bow clears the boat next to you, you need to swing the stern hard to right as you are facing/looking back. (If you were looking normally ahead the bow swinging to strbrd) What would be the instruction to give to the helmsman. Put the wheel hard to port or strbrd. or anything else? Is it the direction you are going takes precedence regardless of where the bow and stern is, or the rudder angle you want if you were going forward?
  9. Is charter boat owner ship a good idea? Is it a good investment? How does one proceed? I know there are companies who can take care of your investment by looking after your boat and chartering it. Anybody has any experience in eastern Med? Turkey and Greece. Any reputable companies who deal with that? What to watch for? What are the biggest pitfalls? What is the norm for payback period, return on equity etc, etc?
  10. It is similar to the meter rule. 6,8,12 Meter boats have nothing to do with such measurements. It is a formula where certain values when multiplied and divided gives that result.
  11. Dear Leo, Since the beginning of the last video i was wondering why taking such a big job in one go. Excuse me for giving my two pennies worth of thinking. You and your team admirably put thousands of painstaking hours so far, without rushing any job and cutting any corners. I was thinking why melting all that lead and pouring in one go, instead of continously melting smaller bits where two guys carrying it by hand can pour into the mold without worrying about what can go wrong. Considering all the time spent for preparation, precautions and what not of handling tons of lead it
  12. The question is somewhat misleading. Who is we to start with? it is all relative. An FD (flying Dutchmen) for me was a rocket ship when i was sailing a 4 knt shit box dinghy some 40 years ago. The yacht so called A (The ironing equivalent of a yacht) belonging to a Russian billionare might be the the the way he has changed it all. I would have asked which boat was the one which changed your understanding of sailing.
  13. We sometimes tend to look for a single factor . It is also possible that there is not just one reason but many acting on top of another if you are unlucky enough that they all act negatively in the same direction. If there are four different reasons each causing quarter of a knot difference, you probably would not notice it if the other three was not there.
  14. How about the heel angle. May be your boat carries more weight on one side than the other. May be she is sailing more upright on one tack than the other.
  15. Thanks for the glycol suggestion. But i do not think i can reach the parts to apply such a deadly substance without harming myself or reach them anyway. My only chance is to let it dry out and hope it will recover if it ever does. How about hosing it with salt water and let it dry? Read it somewhere that salt water hinders dry rot to some extent.
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