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  1. Ignore superstition and sail on a Friday? Never ends well.
  2. If this is the future of sailing, sailmakers will have to start re-training as high-end upholsterers.
  3. The original foredeck crew. All of them. Brave? Nah, just fuckin’ crazy.
  4. You utter, utter bastard! Well played.
  5. You obviously "identify" as a married woman.
  6. Yeah, but no man has ever found it, that elusive "inter-tidal zone".
  7. Silly question. As long as he rinsed out the container afterwards, there'd be no issue...
  8. A bull is galloping west across a field. A fly is flying east across the same field. The fly smacks right into the centre of the bull’s head and immediately changes from heading east to heading west. For a very small time, though, the fly is stopped and is going neither east nor west. So your reasoning above works. Here’s a corollary: Between heading east and heading west, the fly is stopped. Given that he is joined to the bull at that time, is the bull also stopped? If so, has the fly stopped the bull in its tracks?
  9. Not for occupation anytime soon, though.
  10. WWN is so well known that it has its own entry in the dictionary. After "Gobshite" and "Gowan owa tha'" and before "Gullible".
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