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  1. Ah yes. One feels your pain. It’s so hard to find good staff these days.
  2. So you're saying that this cocaine is all mine? Seriously? I love you.
  3. But, see, here’s the thing, the difference between him and you: You are wise.
  4. The maritime equivalent of a German Shepherd, that thing just growls menacingly and the straying ship silently slinks, somewhat sheepishly, into whatever port it’s told to, metaphorical tail between legs. If the growling doesn’t work, THEN the tug’s bowman goes in.
  5. So I said to myself, “Self”, said I...
  6. Nice one, Ed. Should have left the last line off, though.
  7. Does Revolut work in the USA? (Ironically, as I typed that, spellcheck auto-corrected it to Revolution.)
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