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  1. Chorizo sausage, salami etc. Salt cod, air dried meat, eg biltong. Anything invented before refrigeration as long as kept cool and dry.
  2. IIRC it wasn't a problem, sure there wasn't a great deal of overlap aft and one's head would stick out. In cold weather one felt either like a boiled egg with the top sliced off or one of those poor monkeys that have their brains eaten whilst still alive.
  3. I used to own an Albin Ballad. The bridge deck traveler and mainsheet set up was ideal. One hand on the tiller and the other on the sheet/traveler line, sitting at the front of the cockpit. When cruising, tucked under the spray hood and when racing, with the winch staff all behind you and not blocking your view forward. For real danger, what about a four part mainsheet at the aft end of the cockpit just itching to throttle the helmsman.
  4. For no nice ending try Nevil Shute's On the Beach.
  5. 244645184_994549717781650_7226569156499301023_n.mp4
  6. Do visit Madiera. probably the most beautiful island on an Atlantic Circuit.
  7. Send it back to Gill. They have a lifetime warranty, I've had 4 pairs of trousers and 3 jackets from them.
  8. Quite often, whilst sailing along I dig out the handbearing compass and try and remember how to do a running fix. Helps pass the time on a dull passage.
  9. Can you use the windlass to tension the inner forestay?
  10. What I don't understand (among a lot of other things!) is why Fatty Frost is moaning about a deal he negotiated? Please explain.
  11. Prepare to roll your brains out with a twin headsail rig.
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